Monday, August 1, 2011

All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

My sweet little princess is teething once again. *sigh* Some moments I feel like I have it all under control, and the next second she is cranky again.  It's those darn top two teeth! Ugh, what a bear they are! I am finding this is worse than the two bottom ones by a lot.  If your little one is teething, I have some great natural ideas that may help relieve some pain.

1.  Amber, amber, amber!!  Amber necklaces are truly great and seem to make my sweet princess a little less cranky.  Baltic Creations ( has them as does my local cloth diapering store Elemeno-Pee (  These necklaces are not for chewing but for wearing. They look cute on both girls and boys!  Baltic Amber is warm to the touch and has electrostatic properties that essentially give it healing powers.  Without getting too technical here, it has negative ions that help ease pain.  I have heard stories from adults with arthritis who wear it and find it helps big time.

2. Sophie the Giraffe. Yes, she is like $23, BUT there is a reason this adorable little giraffe is so highly rated!  I don't know a baby that doesn't love her.  She is the perfect size for little ones, is soft, and she squeaks.  Okay, so maybe she is similar to a dog toy; but seriously, my sweet little princess LOVES hers! 
3.  Hosie Naturals Teething Balm.  This and amber are the two things I don't leave the house without when sweet little princess is teething.  It's not a messy gel on gums, and to boot it smells really good.
It has: *Sunflower Oil, *Olive Oil, *Beeswax, *Avocado Oil, *Aloe Butter (coconut based), *Castor Oil, *Jojoba Oil, Extracts of: *Arnica, *Lavender , Essential oils of: *Clove, Vanilla Absolute, Chamomile  (* = Certified Organic Ingredients)  You can order it off of  I definitely swear by it.

4.  This is a rather new thing to me, herbal tea.  I was skeptical of giving it to sweet little princess, but one night when she was restless I tried what a friend suggested.  I gave her 1 tsp. of Chamomile tea that was brewed for 20 min.The result: that night she slept 7hrs straight!!!  I have been a convert ever since!!  Chamomile is soothing and calms the inflammation.  You can add catnip to the Chamomile which is also soothing to the nervous system and helps to relieve pain as well.  You can also freeze them and you have herbal pops!

5.  Frozen fruit.  Sweet little princess is not really a fan of this, but a frozen strawberry, cantaloupe, (in long sticks) honeydew, (in long sticks) or any other fruit you choose may be just the thing for your little one.

I hope this may have helped you mama's out there are who trying EVERYTHING possible to help your little one. Good luck and lets hope these teeth come through quickly.

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