Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hair tales

Although I am a natural  brunette I have been MANY colors over the years.  I like changing my color. It gives me a revive in my style and makes me think outside the box.  Along with changing my color I also enjoy changing my style as of recent.  I have naturally curly hair that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Seriously, I love my curls.  I didn't realize my hair was still curly from childhood until I was 16. It was kind of random. You see I was at Beta Convention, real cool I know, and we were getting ready for the dance that night.  My hair was simply not styling. I always blowed it out. My friend noticed the pieces were curling and decided to wet my hair and voila my curls were discovered. My hair came out beautiful, bouncy, and full of life.  From then on, I wore my hair curly.  It was my identity and I had no problem with that.  My only thing was my style felt limited but that's where feathers and hair accessories come in.  Of course, I enjoyed a low ponytail or a crazy messy updo that was twisted and teased.  I experiment A LOT.  I grew my hair out for 2 years for locks of love and in December of 2010, a month before Audrey was born I chopped it off into a short bob.  I liked it, my husband has ALWAYS liked my hair short but has no complaints with it long as long as I can style it properly, something I did not know how to do with long hair for years.  In October of 2011 I chopped my hair yet again into a pixie and then it went shorter and got darker.  I am now growing it out and it's going lighter.   It's a color that should be flirty yet sophisticated. I am thinking one time of going platinum, think Michelle Williams in 2011 at the Venice film festival.  I am not going that blonde yet but maybe eventually....We'll see how long the blonde sticks but hey you live only once so why the hell not try it out!  I like change and think of myself as a chameleon of sorts.  Here are my hair adventures/styles/colors over the past years. (I have to say seeing all my curls makes me miss them more.  Yes, I am growing my hair back out into a short bob and can't wait to have non-crazy curls when it's longer, I SERIOUSLY miss my curls!!!!)

this is one of my very good friends and I in 2005 I think...
this was before I got SUPER sick of long hair and chopped it

summer 2006 at a friend's wedding

that's my natural hair color folks. I haven't seen it since right after we got married in December 2006

oh my, no bangs. This is in early 2007, right after we got married

I am a red head!

I chopped my bangs before moving to Michigan and went even more red. August 2007

red brown for later in the fall of 2007

of course that didn't last and I chopped it and went with bangs! December 2007

it's like dark brown eggplantish...

days after moving to Albuquerque I went really dark! (this is us hiking the Sandia's by the way) summer 2008

later in 2008 it was neutral. thank GOD that dark color faded, I was not a fan.
I switched the direction of my bangs for one night and it stuck! My bangs are still on this side! December 2008

reddish once again in early 2009

this was my birthday 2009. I do LOVE this color!

I had to show off big bird, my feather. this was 2009

dark again before going to the Bahamas.  summer 2009.
yup that's a bump it! I rocked that thing! lol Lindsay thinks a banana would do a better job!  OU Clarinet Symposium 2009

this is the darkest my hair ever was. It was done professionally this time! Think Chloe Deschanel. May 2010

after my master's recital with the dark hair. April 2010

right after moving to Lafayette. summer 2010

 Aside from the big belly my hair is getting long and it's in a pony tail November 2010

I donated my hair and it's nice and short. This was 5 days before Audrey was born January 2011

me and my fascinator for the Royal Wedding
this was the picture that convinced me I NEEDED to chop my hair. It's fluffy and UGH! October 2011

Later in October I chopped it short...

....and went shorter again in December 2011!
It has grown out and yes I am now blonde as of late April 2012. I am going for little miss Audrey's color now! (P.S. this is my new FAVORITE picture of Audrey and I)

So there you have it my ever changing color and style hair.  I am missing a few photos for sure but you get the idea! lol  On Friday it will be a different color yet again.  It's fun being blonde, it's the one color I had yet to really try and I like it.  Of course,  I think I will probably always go back to brunette in the end!

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