Tuesday, May 7, 2013

holistic pups

I was just reading information on dogs and homeopaths here Why haven't I researched this before???  My puppies were my babies first and I never questioned vaccinating them although I have not only questioned vaccinating Audrey but have bought books, done hours of countless research and well, we will leave it at that.   I am really not sure why I haven't seeing as we are such a green family and ONLY take homeopaths.  We practice well-being.  Why not do that with my two babies?  This came up because they had a vet appointment today.  Yes, I feed them healthy food, chicken soup for the dog lovers soul, and top notch treats. I am just as picky about their food as I am with mine.  They come jogging with me and Audrey 5 days a week and Eli gets a run in on top of the jog 2 times a week.  They even did flyball for a year and half and we still practice occasionally by ourselves that is...  I would LOVE to feed them raw honestly but we have tried to switch shortly after we got Eleanor, but it was tough on their system.  Believe it or not, Eleanor is miss picky, she hates carrots, blueberries, cantaloupe, and a slew of other good for you food, including broccoli.  Eli LOVES it.  I usually give them leftover, well him, broccoli.   In any case, I have found that I should be leary of vaccinations with pups as well.  check out this page, all you puppy owners.  I have found a new research topic it seems and well we may try to switch to raw again.  I read an article, right here,  that made me realize that just like we don't like to eat the same thing every night, they don't either. That shouldn't be a big surprise.  The pups have some big changes coming their way which include the Titer test, and a slow transition to raw, I hope the latter sticks.  Just some thoughts.  Just because this is a mommy blog doesn't mean that doesn't include my fur babies. They WERE here first ya know.  They are still young, I can still change things.  I am glad I found out about this now and not later.  I want my puppies to be around for a long time and don't want them hurt because I didn't take care of them the best that I could have.

our last visit to Joyce before leaving ABQ

the day we got Eli from the rescue! fall 2007

princess Eleanor chilling in our yard

Eli with a flyball injury (dewclaw) and Eleanor before we "officially" adopted her. I had already claimed her as ours though

pretty girl

sleeping with my boy

the Albuquerque dogs

tugging together at the park near our home in ABQ

our first family photo with the babies!

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