Wednesday, July 18, 2012

personal stylist

I want to say that I am not getting paid anything to say this.  I am simply a person using this who happen to be a blogger.  Since I became a mama I have not made it out to the mall to shop for me except twice really.  I did go out last summer for 2 hrs. to shop for a bathing suit, something I have to still do this year. UGH! Note that it's almost August and I still have not done this. Can you tell how much I am looking forward to it?  I personally don't count that trip.  I recently, as in last week, went to the Limited to stock up on my professional attire so I don't look like "that professor". Come on you all know THAT professor.  In any case, I have found something really awesome and want to let you guys in on it.  It's called  You fill out a SUPER detailed profile on your style then personal stylists, YES personal stylists, pick out dresses/shirts/accessories that fit your style.  Then, you schedule when you want the shipment. You get it in and honestly it's like Christmas, or at least it is to me.  It's clothes, really great clothes, that I didn't pick but that totally work for me and are my right size! :-)  In the 2 shipments I have gotten I have chosen 2 shirts and a scarf.  Also, if you have any returns you get online and fill out a form on how you liked them, if they fit your style, what you didn't like, yadda yadda yadda. They give you a bag to throw the tops/dresses in and BAM! you're done.  SUPER simple right???  RIGHT???  Okay, I just had to share!  So....go check it out. Oh, the best part is that each shipment is $25, if you keep items the $25 goes towards the outfits you got, if not you still pay the $25 because well they are personal stylists and did take the time to research and pick out awesome outfits for you! I said, go check it out.  Especially all you way too busy mama's who can't make it to the mall like myself! Go, you will feel super pampered and all for $25, or more if you buy items. Oh and one last thing, I promise, you pick the price point for your items so you don't go over budget :-)  ENJOY mama's and mama's to be! 

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