Thursday, September 13, 2012

The NEW Arrangement

So...I thought I would let y'all know what is going on around here sleep wise since I updated y'all on the craziness of life lately. By the way, that craziness is STILL going on.  I wonder if I will ever settle into a normal routine.  Here it is 8:37 and I am prepping dinner for tomorrow, making copies of music, and about to write instructions for our nanny for the morning.  OY!  I digress, I was saying lets talk sleep.   Audrey has been sleeping in her room for naps AND nights *gasp*  I know right!??  Well, don't get too freaked out excited, she is in her bed in her room from 6:30, when she usually goes down, or 7:30 b/c well we are trying to prep for this clock change in October. I know it's early but hey I would rather that than have a baby going to sleep at 5:30!!  So....she is in her bed from 6:30pm until about 11:30.  I usually go and carry her sleeping little self into our bed.  I don't doubt that she can't sleep by herself it's me that can't sleep  without her and Carlo by me!!!  Seriously, I wake up with hearing bangs that don't happen and seeing a person specifically an older man with grey hair, a lumberjack shirt, and gold rimmed square glasses at the side of my bed staring at me! FREAKY STUFF!  Not to mention I wind up freaking out poor Carlo with my antics.  When Audrey is in bed, none of that happens.  One time, just once, I fell asleep without her in the bed and she was asleep in her room until 4:30. It sounds great but the thing is Carlo heard her over the monitor, not me because I was so....exhausted.  Anyway, when I walked in she had tears streaming down her face and was trying to cry herself back to sleep. It was THE saddest thing, I even shed a few tears. I picked her up and took her in bed and well every night after that she has been in bed with us when we are ready to fall asleep.  It works well. We get our us time and in our bed no less. She sleeps amazing in her bed and then comes in our  bed and sleeps amazing again!  So... there you have it, that's where we are sleep wise. I am now sleeping better with my cuddly little girl beside me.  Of course, these days she isn't always so cuddly she tends to push me away and steal over half of my pillow but I just lay there with a sleepy smile because well she is next to me and so is Carlo.  Life can't be much better than that.

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  1. Hey Heather! I hope you are doing well, I sent you an email to your account. Wondering if you got it? Just asking you a few questions about the new arrangement and night weaning,.... hope all is well!

    My best,