Saturday, February 2, 2013

let her eat cake that is! here are the rest of the pictures from Audrey's fantastic birthday bash!!  The little ones really  did have a total blast on the "big slide"  oh and check out this link to our friend's vlog post.  It's too cute to watch them all sliding and playing!!  I  figured pictures and the recipe for her cake would work well for this post. goes.

GF birthday cake

I took Carol's awesome recipe and made a few of my own changes.  I only used the cake recipe. are my changes and recommendations.

for my flour blend, I used Pamela's Ultimate Baking Mix. (if you are GF and don't know about this stuff it's pretty amazing and a staple in our pantry)
I used 1/2 c. honey and 1/4 c. organic sugar instead of the 1c. of sugar ( I always try to cut out sugar entirely or almost entirely)
instead of milk I used hazelnut milk (I don't buy that but was given a bunch of it so...that's what I use in my baking at the moment, almond or soy milk would work just fine too)
I used almond extract instead of vanilla (honestly I was out of vanilla and in the end preferred the almond taste)
I also used blackberries instead of blueberries and did NOT divide them.  I mixed them all with that small amt. of flour and created that bottom layer with berries  It added nice color and flavor
I also did not use any cherries or maraschino juice either

I doubled this recipe and divided it into two 8 inch circles

Here is the frosting recipe.  It is amazing.  I followed it exactly and just added orange natural food color. You can get the set from here (I ordered all of the colors)

Alright for the fun part, the pictures!

testing out the slide!

this is M's little brother, A.  He is such a cute little chunk!

Lane and Amelia! So...cute!

everyone hanging out and enjoying the weather!

blowing out her candles. She did a wonderful job

her face while everyone was singing HappyBirthday was truly priceless!!

Amelia had a blast throwing the ball

M and Audrey heading up the slide with Carlo and our nanny

M is such a cutie!!

sometimes slides require acrobats

Audrey and I had a blast going down the slide together

Lane and Amelia sliding away!!

papa and the birthday party girl!

we tried to get all three to go down together but someone always jumped the gun!

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