Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life of Chaos

I will be back with tons of posts regarding the 1970's dresser we just re-did in 30 min. with less than 16oz of homemade chalkpaint and natural wax, my upcoming 3 day juice cleanse that I am tackling next week, as well as New Orleans Jazzfest that we are attending right after I am done with my cleanse.  For now, I am a ball of chaos since it is the end of the semester, and unexpected things are happening. To let you in on the chaos, I may be accompanying one of my students for their jury and another one we are scrambling to find someone.  The fantastic accompanist my students had, along with students in other studios, is headed to China indefinitely on Monday for a family emergency. We are done May 6th so expect posts then.  Sorry for the hiatus but I will be back with gusto and great force since it will be summer!!

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