Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Fun: Part 2

So....for this trip we went to Lake Charles for the day.  They boasted a MASSIVE 22,000 square foot 3 story Children's Museum.  We were sold!  I originally wanted to pick up and head to Austin for the weekend, but Carlo had a meeting Saturday morning and well...yeah.  So, this was plan B.  I have to admit, we will NOT be going back to the children's museum. After 1hr 15min we were done with everything.  So, in order to prolong the trip, we went back to the first floor and re-did things.  Eventually, 30 min later Audrey was like "let's go bye bye" and she heard no argument for us.  We were on our way to finding a park when we stumbled across a beach!!!  A BEACH off the side of the interstate!   So...we stopped and had so...much fun.  We then found a park and went to play then finished up with dinner with some good friends of ours.  It was a really fun day overall and we will go back for the beach and a new AMAZING looking park that was not open yet. It was still being built.

Audrey LOVES this.  they had a boat, life jacket's, and oars although nothing beast seeing herself!!!

swinging on the rope!! 

couldn't miss the opportunity for a picture!

she was so....wiggly I couldn't help but laugh!!! What a pose!
we had the cheesy grin this going on!!! lol

Audrey loved picking up sand and throwing it in the water
it was so...windy! She was trying to throw sand on Carlo here!!

always LOVES her "Hollywoods"

crashed out from the fun day!

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