Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Fun: Part just keeps going!!

Okay last one of the Spring Fun posts, I PROMISE!   The ASO Conservatory (Acadiana Symphony Orchestra) hosts an annual Festival Eggstrordinare in the Oil Center here in Lafayette.  It is  Not only does it support the conservatory but well like I said it is FUN!  They have the Easter Bunny, whom Audrey not only sat on his lap happily, but asked to do so again and again.  They have Easter egg hunts for different age groups.  Kids from the conservatory perform live music throughout the day.  They have booths and fun jumps and cool things like Instrument Petting Zoo. Ya know it's  the type of thing that musical parents think is the COOLEST thing ever!!.  In any case, after spending the morning at the Festival, we headed over the the Baton Rouge zoo.  Can you believe that Carlo and I have NEVER been!!??  We were born and raised in Louisiana, he lived 45 min from this zoo, and I an hour 45!  Anyway, I have to say, GO!!  It's massive and has elephants, something the Acadiana zoo doesn't have and some pelicans, buffalo, 2 types of tigers, Malayan and Bengal, and elk. I don't think the Audubon has the latter three.  Yes, the Audubon is king of zoo's not only in Louisiana, but the U.S .  It still ranks 10 in the nation, and rightfully so. It was the only zoo I had ever been to until Carlo and I went to the Chiang Mai zoo in  Thailand on our honeymoon.  I was determined  to see the panda's!  In any case, it's better than the Acadiana zoo, not quite as awesome as the Audubon, but it has some nice habitats and a lot of room for expansion!  

This is the first time Audrey has seen a violin in person.  She has seen pictures and of course recognizes the sound but I can't tell you how unbelievably happy and excited this picture makes me!!!

Did I mention we are thinking of doing a Suzuki camp with her this summer????

painting her own Easter egg

She was adamant about using blue and orange and no other colors!!

all of the booths and where the Easter egg hunt was to  take place.  We were in the car headed to the zoo by the time the hunt started and Audrey was sound asleep.

they had something called toddler town and it was 2 year old sized climbable things and they didn't have but maybe 1 big kid.  It made me a happy mama

marching the the best of her own drum. Climbing up the slide part.

she patiently waited her turn while a little boy "hogged" that seal and the mother took 5 or so pictures.  He kept pushing her away and she did nothing but walk away and wait. It was in that moment, I knew we were doing something right.

my climbing baby

Audrey was so beyond excited to sit on a tiger. She asked at the Zoo in Baton Rouge if she could sit on those tigers!

the elephants  They are working on building them a bigger and better habitat and working on getting another elephant as well.  I was so happy that this elephant  looked and even smiled at me. They are such gentle giants.  I have quite a love for elephants.  They represent good luck.

this wagon is with us at ANY zoo. We aren't stroller people, never have been. I use a stroller for bike rides and jogging, but the wagon it used quite often!!

she couldn't see the elephants from the wagon, but that's no problem when your papa is 6ft.

I wish you could really see this. This pelican kept opening his beak underwater and it kept expanding. It was VERY cool to say the least

buffalo and elf

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