Tuesday, May 14, 2013

welcome to our home!

 I have been wanting to welcome y'all in our home for a while.  I just wanted everything done first so now that it is. Welcome!!  This is more of a view of Audrey's world; a Montessori view if you will be

Welcome to Audrey's space in our living room.  This is her Montessori space.  I keep activities on the shelves, she has her art area, and her area where we hand her art.

I love this little area.  That is a homemade chalkboard.  It took scrap wood, a lot of sanding, and homemade chalk paint.  The dry erase board is from that massive red easel thingy.  We took that board out and Carlo made a frame; I painted it.  I rotate what is in her art basket to keep her inspired.  If you can't tell, this area gets used quite a lot!

Audrey's Montessori shelves (sorry for the blur)  I rotate what is on the shelves and move what is on the shelves around to keep things interesting.  This picture was taken a month ago.  Currently, I have moved things all around and changed out some things as well.

these were for Audrey from the Easter Bunny. They are heirloom blocks; and yes, that's French on them!!!  The craftsmanship is really fantastic!

Audrey has really been enjoying puzzles lately.  She loves the sound ones and since numbers are a big thing right now we keep that puzzle out.  I rotate which puzzles are out pretty regularly. 

When I saw Audrey lacing at the children's museum I KNEW I had to get her some lacing beads.  She loves these.  She pretty much has is mastered so I am starting to incorporate small things to lace. 

those are homemade alphabet cards from some free pint outs I randomly found.  On the right are sandpaper alphabet letters. 

Audrey has been having so much fun with these.  You have to match the two halves of the blocks together and then it makes the sound of the vehicle you matched. 

mama's little artist

this is the view from the dining room.  Oh and you'll see her abacus by the fish tank and that basket underneath is all instruments.  She has a drum pad and sticks, marimba mallets, a zumba skirt, 2 different drums, a train whistle, a recorder, jingle bells, and a duck caller.  We have since added Moroccans.  She only gets real wood instruments.  Being a musician that is super important for her to have only the real thing.

This area is in our kitchen.  She has a broom to sweep up messes she makes, and that kitchen was her birthday present.  She has wood pots, pans, plates, and utensils.  She has her green plan toys refrigerator which is loaded with veggies, and wood foods.  On top are leftover spice bottles that she uses for cooking.  In the middle is her shopping cart with her naked baby!   Oh and yes she is in her PJ's wearing my heels.  That step stool on the far right is how Audrey helps me cook. 

this is again, the living room.  That's Audrey's table. It was actually mine and her pink elephant which not only Audrey loves, but ALL of the pups

I know it's a little dark and yes it's messy but hey that's life!! :-)  Another view of the living room.

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