Thursday, June 6, 2013

Juicing: To do or not to do, that is the question!

Here's the bottom line about the Cooler Cleanse.  I really enjoyed it overall and will probably do a cleanse once a year maybe twice if I feel I need it.  It really made me feel better and my system works so...much better than before.    I have to admit it went better than I anticipated and the drinks I was most fearful of were not half that bad.  Of course, the Essential green, the scariest to me, took me the whole 2 hours to drink the first day.  By day 3 I could get it down in 30 minutes.  I never believed ANY of the reviews when everyone said that you get used to the Essential Green juice but it's true!  You DO get used to it.  With that said take the recommendation and put lemon in it; use a lot of lemon juice. Trust me on this one, it makes it so...much better. Oh, and don't let it get hot it needs to be ice cold at all times. My second least favorite juice was the Red Essential.  Audrey loved it, she nearly drank a quarter of it and kept asking for more!  I liked that the drinks rotated like Watermelon Lime, and Pineapple Ginger (NOT a favorite) and Lemon Cayenne.  Audrey also liked the Sweet Greens quite a bit too.  I did pretty well overall and everyday I felt plenty full until I had my last juice, the almond nut milk.  After the almond nut milk, I was ready to run in the kitchen and devour everything in sight. Let's be honest, I really wanted to make 5 bowls of my favorite late night snack air-pop popcorn with butter and Parmesan!!  My thoughts regarding this juice was that it has more calories than any other juice, 240 calories for half of the container.  It also has 19g of total fat and 4g of protein for half of the container.  I should have felt full but was far from it.  At the end of day 3 I was indifferent to food.  I could have eaten or I could not have.  It's a strange place to be. Also, my tastes changed a little and the amount I now eat, over a month later is still not a lot.  It's not that I let myself be hungry, because that's not the case.  I enjoy food too much to let myself be hungry, but I definitely don't have the appetite I used to.  Two days before the cleanse started,  I went raw and really enjoyed it.  I had some lovely meals and only had to use my handy dandy  mini-prep processor and a blender.  I am glad I did have  Carlo and Audrey to cook for because honestly being around food, smelling it, and cooking helped me get through each day.  In any case, the raw thing is something I have incorporated into my day to day.  Breakfast for me since the cleanse most days is raw granola and homemade almond milk, snacks are raw nuts and desserts, if I am still hungry are all raw too.  I made an awesome strawberry lemon cheesecake that is just wonderful.  Carlo was so...impressed and Audrey was a fan as well.  As far as detoxing, I think I did more when I was raw than while juicing, but my energy at the end of day 3 of juicing was far more than I expected.  I even like the juiced and if we didn't have the worst juicer in existence, circa 2006 and bulky as hell, I would probably make myself some fresh juices everyday.  For now, I am anxiously awaiting the Whole Foods that we will be getting in summer 2014 and hope they have the Blue Print juices for those days when I just want a 1 day cleanse.

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