Saturday, June 1, 2013

triathlon Saturday

May 18th we headed for the city of New Roads.  We stayed in a small but quaint little place called Morel Courts.  It was built in 1952 and everything is original. The first thing Audrey said when we walked in was "This is cool!"  It was totally priceless.  The reason we were in New Roads was today was Carlo's first triathlon.  I can't tell you how proud I am of him.  At this time last year he had just returned from India from his holistic procedure.  It was the procedure that brought my baby back to me. It brought MY Carlo back to me.  He has been training now since November working on swimming, (something he does during his lunch break 3 days a week, biking (for Christmas 2012 he got a cycle) and running.  This morning all the training was put to the test.  He finished 70th out of 71.  For swimming he had on a wet suit and had a great starting place.  Swimming is his strongest of the three events so as I saw a slew of long sleeved arms in the air towards the beginning and middle that it was Carlo, but it wasn't.  I then saw no more long sleeves wet suits and knew something went wrong.  I was right.  Carlo started hyperventilating and feeling claustrophobic in the full wet suit and had to grab the boat two times.  The second time he had to take off the wet suit while in the water.  Once he got out his transition time to the bike took 3-4 minutes and while transitioning he explained what happened in the water and said "I'm going to kick some butt" I told him "Go kick some ass baby"  and that he did. In cycling he placed 39th.  He averaged 20 miles an hour on the bike and was really happy with that. I should mention that he also had to stop twice because of chain issues on his bike.  In running, he kicked even more ass and placed 26th.  He finished 3rd in his age group.  Audrey and I really enjoyed watching everything. It's very fast paced and she loved cheering everyone on, especially papa.  I would tell her when I saw him and to yell.  She screeched at the top of her lungs and then yelled "GO PAPA!!!"  It was too cute.  She also loved seeing the water and looking for fish.  She would yell "Fish, where are you?"  Once everyone finished, we packed up our stuff in the room hopped in the car and headed to St. Francisville which is only 6 miles away.  St. Francisville is a sleepy little town that has many beautiful plantations and is probably most known as the place where The Myrtles Plantation is.  The Myrtles is said to be one of the most haunted places in America. To be honest, St. Francisville reminds me a lot of Natchitoches, where Carlo and I went to college.  I looked up a cool lunch place on trip advisor, Magnolia Cafe.  We asked if they could use our Udi's bread so we could have sandwiches and they did!!  I had a veggie sandwich with broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, and lettuce on it. We took our food to go and looked for a park. We found a park with a MASSIVE family reuinion going and and kept on looking. We came across a nice area that was outside the court houses and enjoyed a picnic lunch.   Audrey crashed on the way home and by the time we got back it was 4:30pm.  I made a dinner worthy of the amazing athlete Carlo is!  Corn cakes, Vietnamese Watermelon Salad, and Cherries topped with a Mascarpone Whipped Cream.  I am going to write a separate post on these recipes so you can all enjoy this lovely summer meal too.    With all of this said, neither of us remember our camera, we forgot our itouch, we don't have iphones, and the phones we have were both dead! So....there are no pictures from this amazing Saturday.  It's simply in our heads.  It really was a fun and lovely Saturday and I feel as though I have Superman as my husband!!

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