Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Got milk?

who needs more milk??? This mama does, or did....well still does but whatever.  To help increase my milk flow, it will be 2 happy years of breastfeeding on the 28th by the way, I got the chocolate fenugreek bars and the milk water tea chai spice.  It really tastes delicious.  I have always had a tough time with those nasty scrumptious mother's milk teas. I would drink them of course but not easily.  This chai tea I gladly drink 2-3 times each day, no problem.  The fenugreek bars are awesome as well.  For the fenugreek bars you get a 12 day supply.  I will be pretty upset when I run out, I have 6 left at the moment, I may order more when I need another boost.  This stuff has allowed me to pump .5 - 1oz of milk a day instead of my normal .25 or less.  Oh and that is without me taking my 12 fenugreek pills and mother milk tincture, UGH that stuff, the tincture, is AWFUL but again it works.  That's besides the point.  The point is go check out this wonderful place and order something.  I am not paid by them to say this, I was never sent anything from them.  To be honest, I saw a review on Marayam's blog and said "what the hell, it can't hurt to order"  So...there you have it.  If this doesn't tempt you maybe a photo or two of those fenugreek bars and tea will! lol


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