Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Oh my goodness, there's a baby in there?? I thought it was a doll!!!"

Oh yes, the title of this post says it all!! Yes, someone did in fact tell me that!  I figured what better time to post on babywearing when my view is the above photo!!!  That is indeed princess Audrey in her sling sleeping!  She fell asleep while I was vacuuming around 1:45 this afternoon! I have also managed to drink about 3 glasses of water, mop, eat a banana, and start blogging all while she has been sleeping.  I say all of this because babywearing is FANTASTIC!!  I wore Audrey nearly all day around 2 months old (see picture below) and going on vacation to Destin was easy as Audrey took her morning and afternoon naps in her sling (see picture below) 

Audrey woke up at about 3:45 and then we headed off for a busy afternoon/evning which involved BABYWEARING! :-)  We went to the mall so I could find some nursing tops.  Carlo wore Audrey for a good while in the ERGO performance carrier

 like this

and then I wore her in her ring sling for a little bit, after trying on some tops

like this except minus the bathing suits, sunglasses, and hat!:-)

and here is how I wore Audrey when she was younger in her MOBY wrap

So, check out carriers if you are pregnant OR if you have a baby! I didn't get my ring sling until a week before going to the beach and seriously regret not having it sooner!  Babywearing simplifies life and babies are happy being worn, they get to see the world but still be close to you so it's not too stimulating! It truly is the best of everything!

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