Sunday, August 14, 2011

High Chairs, High Chairs, and MORE High Chairs

So, we got Audrey a high chair, a Chicco Pollywogg high chair in Vega.  I am not a pink person nor someone who likes baby prints, like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey mouse, and ones like B is for Bear. Don't get me wrong, I like both of the characters, but think they are for stuffed animals or to watch on TV. So, with all of that said, a lot of the high chairs out there are not something I am interested in. In fact, I believe that high chairs in the US are simply big, bulky, massive pieces of plastic that are made in China!  I knew this day was inevitable, the day when my sweet little princess would get more and more uncomfortable in her bumbo, which is where she eats now. So, off to Target we went and yes we got a high chair. A big, bulky, massive, plastic unchic piece of um... plastic! (yeah I couldn't think of anything else) Well, maybe not totally unchic I do like the print. The high chair was a complete fail and I am blaming THESE pictures on the front for giving us bad luck!  Take a glance

Do you see it now??  Here's a better look

See now?? Yes that's right, THIS high chair is promoting feeding your baby formula. Maybe I am wrong, and that is a breastfeeding mom giving her baby breastmilk from a bottle?? (chances are slim) or a mom who is unable to produce milk feeding her baby expressed breastmilk that way...(not convinced of that either) Needless to say I am upset at this picture because it says a lot about our country and how formula feeding is more the norm! It is sad, very sad indeed. That is all I have to say about that. These pictures speak for themselves.

As for the high chair itself, well that was a TOTAL disaster!!  Audrey screamed from the second she got in it and refused to eat anything.  The poor little thing was drowned by shoulder harnesses, padding, and a tray that she couldn't even reach!!  Seriously now, come one!  I am not a fan of shoulder harnesses in high chairs after seeing this, especially for babies who are not necessarily fans of their car seats, like Audrey.  It looked like a car seat that was even more confining by a big tray that was in front of her!  So, back to the store the high chair went.  I have to be honest, I have been eying the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair and Keekaroo Height Right High Chair for quite some time so I looked up more info. on them!

                                           Here's the Keekaroo ($189.95) and some key points about it
.It's ALL made in the USA!!!
Can be used up to age 3
Infant Insert is BPA and Latex free as well as peel and tear resistant
3 point safety belk
plastic tray is dishwasher safe

                                         Here's the Stokke Tripp Trapp with baby cushion and baby rail, ($365) that's NOT including the play tray (which is $89!!)

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair, Cushion, and Baby Rail An updated version of the popular KinderZeat
it grows with the child from baby to adult (I think that's pretty cool)

We figured that the high chair we go with needs to feel like her bumbo and these are as close as it gets!  We went with the Keekaroo and I am SUPER excited about this and can't WAIT for it to come in!! Here's hoping for many happy mealtimes in this modern yet functional high chair! :-)  I will update and let y'all know how it's going because it should arrive this week!

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