Friday, August 12, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Crib

Hey readers,

Sorry for the week long hiatus especially when I said I would post stories each night. Well, each night I have been up and down with the sweet little princess,  so I have had no real blog time.
At this moment, miss Audrey is in her crib, in her room sleeping, and it's NOT nap time. Most moms would be so thrilled to get their baby out of their bedroom but not this mama. In fact, I am not sure how I feel, other than being way too emotional about it. To me, babies will only be little for so long so why not let them co-sleep, which is what we do with Audrey. Well, I will start from the beginning with our co-sleeping adventure.

First Audrey slept in  her lamb chair (well minus not being swaddled,she was but escaped) for the first 3 months

 and this towards the end of those 3 months she slept like this, we called her the exorcist baby when she did this!

 Then she moved to a bassinet for a month and now she sleeps, or was sleeping,or is sleeping, (ah who knows!) in this

  Lately it seems she is outgrowing or has outgrown her travel lite crib. She needs space for her arms because she LOVES to stretch out.  Audrey is squirmy to say the least, which is why at 6.5 months she is still swaddled for naps and does not complain.  At night, when she gets uncomfortable she comes into bed with my husband and I. It isn't a big issue, but we have a queen size bed and there is barely enough room for the 3 of us.  Believe it or not Audrey takes up the majority of the space when she is in bed since my husband and I aren't big people. Seriously, my husband got up to go to the bathroom one night and she had completely taken over his side of the bed!!  So, tonight is a test night, more for me than her. I miss having Audrey in the room within my reach. Maybe it gives me peace of mind knowing she is in here or I enjoy her reaching out her hand to touch mine in the middle of the night when I pull her into our bed. Whatever it is, I miss that

VERDICT:  It wasn't too bad actually. We had the monitor on and Audrey slept from 9-2  in her crib! I pulled her into our room after because well, I got lonely These next couple of days her crib and elephant mobile will be in our bedroom because my husband is finishing up his workshop in the backyard and our bedroom is farthest from the noise.  Maybe she sleeps best in her crib, and if that's the case I suppose I have no choice but to let her sleep where she is most comfortable.


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