Sunday, October 2, 2011

Would you like cookies for your milk?

As I was perusing Facebook a few days ago I saw this link for a momma's milk cookie recipe on Gentle Choices, my birth center's page.  I was really excited about this for a couple of reasons.  1. It gave me an excuse to bake; I bake once or twice a week as it is and look for a challenge to make a recipe GF and DF if it isn't already. 2.  I have only seen these as something you order from a company, which I wouldn't do personally, so I couldn't wait to try them. (yeah, I love baking, guilty right here!!)

In any case, the link goes into detail about the galactagogues used in the recipe: brewers yeast, flax seeds, and oats.
 I had heard of brewers yeast because my midwife told me I could bring a beer to the birthing center to boost my milk once Audrey was born.  Of course, I was really excited about that and had a purple haze with a slice of lime ready; I do enjoy a cold beer. Too bad I was unable to drink it. :-(

I had also heard of oatmeal. I found it while playing around on Kellymom, a FANTASTIC source for breastfeeding moms.  Here's the link to the article on oatmeal, but I advise checking out more than just this article!

As for flax seeds, I honestly thought I was to avoid them but realize that you can't have it while pregnant.

So, do these cookies work?? I am not sure honestly.  I personally believe a combination of things can help milk supply not just one thing.    I will let you know in a few days. ( I took fenugreek tonight so it's an unfair assessment at the moment)

Ways to boost milk supply
1. Pump every 2hrs for 15 minutes. (this is a weekend type thing.  I did this once after I started to catch something and my supply went down some)

2. Tea!! Drink mother!s milk or More Milk us tea 3 times a day.  ( if anything it will give you a reason to relax for a second.

3. Take Fenugreek.  Sure you will smell like maple syrup, but how awful is that really??!!! You can drink the tea, which is bitter, or take the pills.  The link on  peaceful parenting has how much you should take.  I suggest the pills although I have both in my pantry!

Here's that link with the recipe!

Check it out and have fun baking!!  I used smooched bananas instead of applesauce, Pamela's GF flour mix, and only 1cup chocolate chips, and almonds instead of walnuts.  So play around with the recipe dear readers and ENJOY!! :-)

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