Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Hey readers,

           Sorry for being on hiatus once again, but it’s been nuts around here.  Between being in my best friend’s wedding and Halloween I have not had much time to post.  Now that ALL of that is over, I will be posting more often! J   I guess I will start with the wedding.  My best friend, Lacie, got married in Houston.  Houston is a 4hr drive for us and we were staying in a hotel for the first time with Audrey.  I admit I was a little worried about how she would do with the lack of space to crawl around and how she would nap, but she did AMAZING!  Carlo, AKA super papa, took care of Audrey.  He took off work Friday so we could get out early and into the hotel by 3pm because the rehearsal started at 5pm.  I figured Audrey would get a nap on the ride over, but due to VERY bumpy roads and construction that didn’t happen. L  Instead of being cranky, she was excited about the new place and new things. She was also waving to the entire staff at the hotel! Haha 
             Once we got to the church for the rehearsal, Audrey was crawling around playing hide and seek with Carlo, which was totally adorable!  Silly girl kept crawling all around the wedding party, stopping and waving, and then clapping. (of course everyone clapped for her which she LOVED) lol  The rehearsal took a while but I didn’t hear a single fuss or anything!  She fell asleep on the way to the rehearsal dinner so Carlo dropped me off, took her back to the hotel and she fell asleep on his chest.  I got in at 1am and was VERY thankful Audrey slept till 8am instead of her normal 6am since Saturday was a MUCH longer day.  Once we got up, we grabbed breakfast at Waffle House.  By the way, Audrey was freaked out by the texture of waffles and simply tossed it on the floor so she chewed on a spoon most of the time instead and was not interested in eating at all.  After breakfast, I went to get ready with the girls and the bride, it was 10am.  We had to leave at 2:30pm for the church and the ceremony started at 5pm.  Carlo and Audrey were in and out from 10am-2:30pm so Audrey could nurse and we wouldn’t have to use any more frozen breast milk than we needed to.  I even fed her 10 minutes before the ceremony began.  Carlo didn’t have to leave with Audrey once during the ceremony, she was so good!!  Oh and did I mention she only got one 45 minute nap before the wedding!  I decided to ride with Carlo and Audrey to the reception so I could nurse while in transit.  Audrey took a short 20 min nap and was ready for cocktail hour.  I put her in her sling for cocktails and she did great.  She was checking everything and everyone out and even enjoyed some fruit and cheese.  Although it is traditional in the south to do a buffet for the reception, my best friend has ALWAYS wanted a sit down dinner.  Audrey hung out with me and the bridal party at the head table.  She jumped, danced, laughed, and even ate some cucumber once the salad came.  I couldn’t have been more proud of her.  Also, my bridesmaid gown I was so concerned about was not such a big deal.  I could simply whip out a boob, which I did do during dinner, to nurse Audrey and the back was taken care of so I could wear my nursing bra.  Sure it might have been double stick taped and safety pinned but hey it worked!!  It was a great weekend.  Carlo and Audrey had fun and I got to enjoy hanging out with my best friend.  Weddings + Audrey =very doable! 

               this was after the wedding. she really liked all the bubbles!

                                 All of us at cocktail hour

                   Audrey's "what are you looking at" face!

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