Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tooth #9

Hey Readers,

               We had interesting night in our house.  Audrey got her 9th tooth!! Yes 9 teeth in less than 10 months. It's Crazy!!  I knew she was teething but had no idea this is what we would be in for.  We had a nice night.  Audrey went to bed later than normal because we took a late nap and slept for over 2 hrs. We woke up at 4pm then went out to Babies R Us to return something, Jason's Deli for dinner, Audrey LOVES their chicken, and a new Yogurt place in town, Yogurt Land. It is AWESOME by the way!  Well, we got home and ate dinner.  Carlo put Audrey in the tub while I was picking up a little. Audrey was brushing her teeth in the bath, just like she does every night.  There was no crying no nothing, but I hear Carlo say "Mom"  "Mom, get in here NOW"  He had an urgency to his voice so I finished up  what I was doing and headed in only to find blood dripping down Audrey's chin!!!!  I asked if she had bumped her mouth, she likes to stand in the tub and no matter how many times we put her down and say "Hurt baby" she still does it. Nope, her gums were bleeding. She was brushing her teeth and her gums started bleeding! Not just any tooth had come through but a molar!!! The next tooth in line to come in for her was a canine so you can image my shock and surprise when I saw a molar!!  Well, long story short, well kind of short, once we got her out the tub and dressed I gave her some catnip tea, rubbed her new MOLAR with vanilla extract, and gave her some rescue remedy in a small glass of water.  She was been asleep for a little while and am hoping she sleeps pain free!    Do any of y'all have unexpected stories about your little ones teeth???

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