Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Audrey, 10 months old, this IS long!

Hey Readers, so…I am two weeks late on my “Dear Audrey” letter but I suppose better late than never right? Anyway, here goes.  I am sure by now you all know how long winded I am. I have this feeling that this post is going to be even longer than normal. I just felt I should warn you in advance. J

Dear little monster,

                You are getting to be so….big!  I look at you and think “you’re still so little and but yet so BIG!!”  Well, to me you are. You are actually rather petite, in weight that is. You are in the 75% tile for height! We know you certainly don’t get it from me! You have more Bentley genes than you know!  It was such an eventful month. You went through Halloween AND Thanksgiving and survived both!  Here’s a run down of this month:
For Halloween you dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz while I dressed as Tin Woman and papa dressed as Scarecrow.  We went with one of your friends Amelia Fournerat, and her parents Krista and Lane. Amelia dressed as the Cowardly Lion, Krista  was the wicked witch, and Lane was the Yellow Brick Road.  You took a late nap and woke up cranky!!  I wish you would have enjoyed walking around more, but like I said, you were cranky.  You did perk up right as we got home though and managed to have some fun with Amelia before they left. 

Thanksgiving went much better than Halloween.  You loved my GF stuffing, momee’s fresh cranberry relish, and the turkey the most.  Papa even gave you a little taste of the GF bread pudding I made from his grand-mon mon’s recipe. I am pretty sure that was the most sugar you have had. You weren’t crazy about it, and that’s a good thing to me.

You still LOVE yoga! We have been going now since you were 4 months old and you love playing, and sometimes tackling, with Morgan and Malaki. We all enjoy watching the three of you interact and play.

You have been trying ALL kinds different foods lately. Of course, you still have something against eggs even though you used to love them.  You recently tried escargot, one of my favorite foods, and you loved it! This made me very happy. You love meat. It doesn’t matter what kind of meat really just meat.  One of your favorite dishes is a bolagnese sauce I make. You threw the pasta off of your tray and still couldn’t get the meat sauce fast enough. 

Even though you eat all types of food, you still nurse every 2-3 hrs.  That makes me very happy. I have no intention of weaning you.  I know when you’re ready you will wean yourself.  It’s natural.

You now know so many signs. You sign fan and light, those were your first two, you signed those in mid-July.  You also sign milk aka nuni, pronounced noo-nee.  Although, most of the time you would rather just pat my boobs and smile when I ask if you want nuni. Your most recent sign  is puppy.  You love the puppies! You sign puppy and then bark. You also love going in and out of their crate while acting like a dog.  I am pretty sure you think you’re a dog. You love waving as much as you love acting like a puppy.  You wave to everyone you see; and it hurts my feelings that those who see you usually don’t wave back.  Seriously, who doesn’t wave to a baby!?? You always get a confused look on your face wondering why people aren’t waving. Again, seriously, who doesn’t wave to a baby!!??

Naps were great this month. You usually sleep for 1.5-2hrs in the morning. Afternoon naps are not always a guarantee, but you tended to get tired around 2:30 or 3. You now nap to Norah Jones AND rain on your sound machine.  I love that you are all about snuggling these days.  It makes me happy that you hug me or just love on me.  I melt every time.  You still sleep in your crib in our room and I like it like that; you are the perfect distance from us.  Plus, you wind up in bed around 3 or so every night anyway and we snuggle.

You crawl all over in your silly little crawl with your hands and feet on the ground.  Lately, you have developed a little scoot that you use as well. You push with one foot and scoot the other behind you. I am amazed at how fast you move scooting. 

You now open cabinets, enjoy watching the washing machine and dryer, and try to climb into the dishwasher while attempting to take dishes out.

The biggest thing that happened this month is that you now consistently go pee pee and or poopie on your little potty daily. You use your potty at least once every day, but you usually use it 2-3 times a day.  I can’t believe how easy it is and yet I feel like an idiot for not starting this sooner. I wish my parents understood how cool this is and how proud they should be. Instead, they think it’s odd and say well at some point every kid learns to use the potty. That’s okay honey, we get it, and are so very proud of you.

You get excited when we play music, which is what we have on most days.  You run up to the record player and start dancing. It’s so..adorable.  Sometimes I ask you to dance when there’s no music and you always make sure to point to the record player just to remind me where the music you dance to comes from. 

You now know the word dance and wave You even say “mama” “papa” “puppy”  and “hi”.  The puppies are your favorite thing in the entire world. You love them so…much.  They love you, but are still trying to figure you out.  Of course, once you learn to pet them gently and not yank on their tails they will love you even more.  Eli likes you the most simply because you can throw the ball now to him. You do a great job at throwing the ball and don’t even try to put it in your mouth you just throw the ball.

The scariest thing that happened this month was that you cut a molar.  Yes, that makes 9 teeth.  You were taking a bath and brushing your teeth like normal when your molar cut through!!  Papa was bathing you and called me in. You had blood dripping down your chin.  That was a very scary moment for both mama and papa.  Of course, it was nothing a little chamomile and catnip tea couldn’t handle. I also rubbed your gums with some vanilla extract which seemed to help as well.

I can’t believe how smart you are. You astound me everyday with the new things you learn and take in. You are also growing way too quick and need to slow down.  I wish 1 month were really the length of 2 months because then you would be 5 months instead of 10.  When did you get to the double digits in months anyway!!?? You are such a fun little girl, and we enjoy everyday with you.  I try to take in every moment because time flies.

I love you my little monster


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