Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas chaos & Silly Noises

 I have to say that I have never had a more hectic Christmas season than this one.  I NEVER imagined it being this insane.  We have decided to maybe do a Christmas card. Oh I know it's late in the game, but we have never done one.  Funny thing is we usually laugh at Christmas cards, yup that's right, we laugh at them. Of course, here we are thinking of doing one.  Of course, our first attempt was tonight and really amusing.  First off we have 2 crazy dogs that are complete opposite personalities!  Secondly we paired those crazy dogs with a cranky Audrey.  I'll go ahead and give you the play by play so you can all get a good laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole thing.  I put Audrey in her Santa PJ's, they have a Santa on the top and red and white polka dots for the pants.  I then said that would be such a cute outfit for a Christmas card. I at first thought just Audrey then Carlo said lets put the pups too. I thought that was a much better idea. Carlo then proceeds to get the camera while I round up the dogs.  Eli is over hyper because it rained today, and we couldn't go walk and he couldn't play in the yard.  Eli is a border collie; he is nuts, and that's why we love him.  Eleanor is scared of just about everything. The top of her list would be plastic bags, Audrey, and the Christmas tree. She is a golden retriever/australian shepherd mix.  Anyway, back to the story.  I get Eli to sit by the tree then I tell him kennel down, which means lay down.  Well, he took that to mean that he should plop down, roll over, and walk off.  Eleanor won't get near the tree because like I said, she is scared of it!  I realized I needed a treat to make this all happen.  That was a great idea until the treat crumbled in my hand, not on the ground. Eli doesn’t know that and is now looking all over the ground and under the tree for crumbs.  Eleanor is still terrified and doing her best to stay away.  Carlo literally picks up her, she HATES being picked up, and puts her by the tree. She stays; she looks terrified and constipated, but she stays.  I finally get Eli to stay and put Audrey between them.  Now, I just need to get Audrey to smile.  So, I take out her musical lion that she loves.  As soon as I press the foot, Eli comes after the toy.  I put him back, get him to stay, and then get a shoe box. Audrey likes the noise so I open and close it.  Here comes Eli AGAIN!!  Eleanor is now scared by the noise the shoe box made and darts off.  Carlo grabs Ella, he has to pick her up once again while I herd up Eli.  We get them both to stay again and I decide I will play "where's Audrey" behind Carlo. Eli won’t come after me for this game so it should be safe right? WRONG!  This time the pups stay and Audrey comes after me!!   hahaha  Well, tomorrow we will try again. I can handle two dogs for a picture OR a baby, but not two dogs AND a baby!! 
Oh and did I mention along with this Christmas card chaos, I still need to make Audrey's ornament for us and the grandparents. I may make two ornaments too, but that’s for another post. Also, the Christmas lights are not finished yet either. We have some up, but I need to wrap the trees outside and line the walkway with lights.  It has taken 2 weeks!! Seriously, 2 weeks!  I don't think I need to say anything else!

On a side note: so..... Audrey has this silly thing she does when she is overtired.  She puts her hand, palm facing out, over her mouth to make that "wah wah wah wah" noise.  Well, today Audrey woke from a dead sleep right as I was about to put her in her crib.  She woke up only to do that silly mouth noise then when right back to sleep! She always keeps me guessing and smiling, that's for sure! It took all I had to not laugh out loud and wake her up. Does your little one have a silly thing they do when overtired?

Here are what we managed to get of the Christmas Card Catastrophy!

the first and last aren't awful right?? maybe I am imagining things! haha  Please tell me that you see that crazed look in Eli's eyes and Eleanor's constipated terrified look too!!

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