Thursday, January 5, 2012

Milk (cows milk that is) does NOT always do a body good

Hey readers, this topic has been on my mind a lot recently. My mom asked me right before Christmas if Audrey would take cows milk. My answer was, is and always will be no. Nope no glasses of cows milk here; almond or soy milk only. Yes, that's right, no cows milk for Audrey. I have good reasons too! For starters, like all you readers already know,  Carlo has Crohn's; Crohn's is the reason our house is dairy free. There is a link between cows milk and Crohn's. You see, some cows have Crohn's, they call it Johne's disease. I am by no means a scientist or a person who can really explain properly. In fact, I am not good at science and don't really like it, so... this link will explain what I can't.
Please go check it out!

Also, Crohn's is believed to be genetic. UGH!! Well, not only does Carlo have Crohn's, but my brother has Crohn's.  I would have to say genetics are not on Audrey's side regarding this. Another thing against her is the fact that  she was a c-section baby (have I mentioned how much I hate hate HATE saying/typing that) and therefore, she did not receive my flora going through the birth canal. Flora are basically good bacteria that help a baby's gut develop.  Again, I am not a scientist so check out this link on that.

On a side note, it has just been found that c-section babies tend to be at higher risk for Celiacs. You all know Carlo is highly gluten intolerant as am I (I have mild symptoms: headaches and sluggishness). So, there you have it. I will give Audrey soy milk then change to almond milk. She will also always receive probiotics.  I do break up 1 probiotic capsule in a little water and let her drink it whenever I feel a little under the weather.  I also give it to her when she is not feeling well, or is around anyone who was coughing or anything like that. 

I am apologizing for the articles not being academic studies and the such.  These days I am lucky to get to edit a post 5 days later, like I am with this one!

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