Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hurricane Audrey

So.....when you have a walking one year old your house turns into a hurricane.  It just so happens my little hurricane is named Audrey.  Audrey actually was a hurricane in 1957, a big one too, a category 4 and they retired the name for hurricanes so it's no longer used.  Anyway, well, my hurricane is not quite as bad as the real one but it's pretty crazy.  Since we have Montesorried (is that even a word??) the house by moving Audrey's toys in the living room from a basket to open shelves she believes that everything and I mean EVERYTHING needs to come off of those shelves.  She doesn't do this slowly throughout the day but instead all at once pretty much first thing in the morning.  Her blocks are all over, her push choo choo and riding dino are in different places, and her books are scattered throughout the living and dining room. Then after attacking the living room, she makes her way to the kitchen and goes through the basket of kitchen utensils (wood spoon, wood bowl, measuring spoons, metal spoon) and puts them all over the kitchen and laundry room.  When I get ready in the morning she then goes through my bathroom cabinet and pulls out all the pads, tampons, bottles, headbands, feathers, and fascinators.  If I have a basket of laundry to fold she takes out 90% of the clothes and I find her walking around the house with underwear, me and my husbands shirts, and/or her dresses over her head. 

That my dear readers, is a typical day here. Well, sort of... We walk in the morning, and there is usually a nap around 10am-12pm, as well as an afternoon in the bkyrd on the swing set or a bike ride. But you get the idea.  Oh and I have to mention all of the dancing we do, seriously!! Anyway, we are working on showing Audrey how to help pick up her toys. I pick up one toy, hand it to her, and ask "can you put that right there for mama please? thank you" This really seems to work with helping Audrey to learn how to pick up her toys.

How do y'all deal with your little hurricanes? Are they helping pick up too?? Any tips?


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