Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh Mardi Gras!!

I wish the entire country could experience Mardi Gras, REAL Mardi Gras, at least once.  It's fun, crazy, and an excuse for a party!  You can dress up in crazy outfits, I mean CRAZY, and no one cares or thinks anything of it.  When my parents were younger, they dressed as bees one year, and another year they were 7 & 7 while their friends dressed as gin and tonic.  Did I mention my grandma dressed as a man and my dad dressed as a woman? (the best part about that is that the dress was one of my grandma's mou mou's and there is a picture of a real cop fake arresting my dad, priceless!)  A normal Mardi Gras for me growing up was getting out to Veterans Blvd. in Metairie by 9am and walking around until the 1st parade, Argus, rolled at 10am.  From 10am-3pm it's non-stop floats so when you want a break just go back to the blanket on the grassy median, grab a drink or food, and chill.  I would either crash early that night or take a nap in the car.  


This year was Audrey's first Mardi Gras!!!! Well, at least the first Mardi Gras she attended!  She loved putting beads on.  She actually had about 20 beads that she put on herself and was trying to walk around with them all on.  She did the numerous times too.  It was by far the cutest thing EVER.  We were here in Lafayette this year, and hung out at Carlo's mon mon's house after the first parade where we had burgers and music. It was great hanging out with everyone.  Audrey got to run around with Carlo's cousin's kids in the front yard while all of the adults caught up and watched the little ones.  Audrey had a blast and was so....E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D!!!  I'd say Mardi Gras was a hit! I have pictures coming.  We didn't bring our camera :-(  but thankfully, one of Carlo's uncles did.  So...pictures of the bead queen are coming!

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