Sunday, March 11, 2012

the BAD cheese!!

Last night was the last straw. Me and cheese are through. FOR REAL…I think!! I can live without milk, we drink almond milk, I can live without gluten, I can probably live without meat, but cheese is a different story. We can’t have cows milk cheese, check out this post as to why, but we enjoy goats milk cheese A LOT. A good Manchego, sharp cheddar, Muenster all made with goat or sheeps milk, YUMMY! Well, I enjoy cheese a little too much sometimes. Last night I enjoyed a GF cheese pizza, homemade of course, but noticed the headache I had afterward. Tonight I made eggplant parmesan and this just did not sit well with both Audrey and me. I completely believe it was all the cheese. I got a headache and then stomachache. Lets say that Audrey had a diaper to show for this cheese disaster of a dish. (TMI?) So, I made a decision to say good-bye to cheese. A little every now and then, if I have a craving, I think is okay…maybe. I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I have also decided since Carlo is in a place where he has to be vegetarian (he says he feels amazing by the way) that we should do our best. Of course, I feel pescitarian is more our style since well we have some amazing seafood such as: crawfish, oysters, fish, and crabs. I couldn’t just give all that up. Steak, I can totally live without. Chicken is doable. I think my biggest fear is not having a dish that will fill me up. Oh, and the whole prepping thing. I don’t like to spend a ton of time prepping. It’s not because I don’t like it, I do! I just would rather be playing with Audrey or outside with Audrey and the pups than inside chopping while wearing Audrey in a sling or something like that…You see before Audrey, I would bake up to 3 things a day if I wanted so prepping is no big deal. I would make cookies or treats for Carlo. He made dinner usually before Audrey, now it’s easier for my to make it so we can all eat dinner together when we gets home. We eat around here at 5pm or 5:30 because Audrey is in bed at 6:30. Back to the story… This week we are sans cheese and sans meat!! I am super excited about this new venture. I am taking this thing one day at a time with no cheese and meat. I will let you know at the end of the week how it is going. :-)

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  1. Oh, my good luck! I could NEVER give up crawfish - so I completely understand that! :)