Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Truth about Infant Shoes

Since Audrey has started walking we have bought her a ton of shoes.  It doesn’t help that I love shoes. My dream perfect pair of black heels are Roger Vivier’s, they are A-mazing!!! In any case, it’s easy to go cheap with baby shoes because they grow SO…ridiculously fast.  Since I research everything, because I am a nerd like that, I found out that several of the shoes we got Audrey are not good for her growing little feet.  Let’s hear a womp womp. I am going back to return them this weekend :-(  Good news is I found some GREAT places to get shoes for her.  Sure, they are a little expensive, BUT they have a list of great things going for them. 
1.      non-toxic, eco-friendly.
2.      made in the USA or Canada
3.      flexible sole!!! (this is a KEY thing. It needs to have the feeling of bare feet)

 For me, that list is just what I am looking for!!!  I have to be honest and tell you guys that I am tired of cheap China crap. I want quality shoes for a little girl who runs around constantly and loves walking everywhere we go.

Little Soles is another great company too.

Here are some pictures of these adorable shoes and the links to these wonderful shoes.  I have to say if you DON’T like these pictures, then you, dear reader, are crazy!


See Kai Run

See Kai Run

See Kai Run


Little Soles

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