Sunday, March 25, 2012


So...yes it's past my bedtime...I have been sleeping like crap lately and nothing seems to help. I actually randomly saw some of Dr. Oz on a rainy day a few days ago and heard to take almond butter before bed because it helps you sleep and suppsedly doubles the amount you get..Yeah, that was a lie.  It didn't help OR work.  It doesn't help that Audrey keeps thinking 4am is a great time to start being up and down until we get up.  I am not thrilled about this and am hoping that this to shall pass, and SOON.  I am sure y'all have notices the changes around the blog.  It really is coming along.  I have a few more things to do, but it's feeling much more like ME! :-)    I also have some fun pictures that I am posting for wordless Wednesday.  I am not one to get involved in things that EVERYONE does, but this week I found some fantastic pictures I KNOW y'all will love and find amusing, I hope and it gives me an excuse to post them! :-)  Well, let me know what you think of the new stuff! I have contact info now too! :-)

Oh and check out Manic Mrs. Stone so you can see my sponser highlight!! :-)  I did a guest post too while Elisabeth is on her babymoon. She just had a gorgeous baby girl in a home birth! :-)  Well guess I should attempt this whole sleep thing that has been so elusive to me lately! Good night!

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