Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The BIG cheese update's a SUPER quick update on the cheese situation.  I have not really had ANY meat, with the exception of St. Patty's Day. Let's be honest here, my maiden name is McCarthy and I was supposed to be Sean Patrick.  I couldn't help but have a Reuben sandwich and some colcannon. We have had fish, some shrimp, and tonight we had some failed crab cakes!  I find myself to be a pretty good cook, but these were just awful!!!  Sorry Paula Deen, but this recipe did not cut it, DO BETTER!!  Onto the cheese. I am mostly cheese free!! :-)  So...I snuck some feta in a salad today. I shouldn't even have feta because it's made with cows milk. Lets just say I won't be enjoying cow's milk cheese anytime soon... I have been feeling great on this new no meat diet.  Of course, I mostly felt fine before, but I am giving this a shot.  Hell, why not??!!  Anyway, I need to get going, miss Audrey has a stuffy nose, poor baby, and it's 10pm, my bedtime.  If I get in bed much later I am hell to deal with in the morning am not very pleasant. On that note, good night readers!! Oh and let me know what you think about the small changes I have made!

P.S. More changes are coming to my little blog. Be on the lookout for a new header!

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