Sunday, March 18, 2012

The mean mom can all judge me and think I am crazy, but why do people offer my almost 14 month old baby lollipops and cotton candy!!??  No, seriously!! I didn't post about this earlier because it was a reoccurring thing. Well, NOW IT IS! So, way back during Mardi Gras, when I was walking with Audrey and holding her hand at one of the LOUDEST parades, if you can call it that, this crazy lady offered Audrey cotton candy.  I told her no, she is fine, but thank you.  She looked at Audrey and was like sorry honey mom said no.  I would have loved to say to her "you are trying to offer my 12 month old pure sugar that is made up of blue 9 and red 40, both of which are linked to ADD.  You ma'am are the reason that kids today are NUTS!!" Flash forward to breakfast at Mel's Diner with Carlo one morning. Our waitress asked if Audrey would like a lollipop.  Um...really?? It's breakfast and she is 13 months old... Of course, I didn't say that I just wanted to.  Instead I said, no she is good thank you. To which the waitress asked me the same question and I said the same thing.

 I think people are surprised that I don't want my daughter having sugar, this includes at birthday parties too. Am I the mean mom?? Maybe.  So okay, no cupcakes or gummi bears or any sweet stuff at birthday parties are allowed by either me or Audrey.  Well, not to mention most birthday party foods aren't GF. Let's be honest, unless the house you are going to is GF, you don't have much of anything you can eat.  It makes it heard truthfully but I know eating gluten is not worth the migraine I will get later.  But, today after returning from a wonderfully fun birthday party, I wanted a lollipop. We have a few Happy Organic ones from our hair dressers in the house.I felt better knowing it was organic and not polluted with dyes and unpronounceable ingredients. I believe that if I am eating something in front of Audrey, it should be something she can have. So...yes I did let her have a few licks of the lollipop.
 I personally don't eat a lot of sugar normally.  Honestly, I eat super dark chocolate, like 70% dark and the occasional frozen yogurt.  Yes, I do enjoy baking, but bake mainly with agave and as little sugar as possible.  I actually JUST let Audrey have jam/jelly because I found one that had only 9g of sugar and was made with agave.  She thought it was OK not awesome, she would prefer fresh fruit over any meal truthfully.  That's fine with me because fruit can satisfy that sweet tooth just like I believe that air pop popcorn can satisfy that salty craving.  Not to mention that both are much healthier than sugar and chips! Not that I am against either, but just not at 14 months I really the mean mom?  I don't think so. I think I am simply setting Audrey up to make smarter choices than I did growing up.


  1. Good for you! You are not a mean mom!! I mean cotton candy for a 12 month old?? Seriously? Oh, Louisiana... ;)

  2. Not mean! We are the same. We also do not go to my mom's house anymore because candy is a permanent fixture there. Some people just don't get it.

  3. Thanks Ladies!! Yes, some people don't just get it Erica!!