Monday, April 9, 2012


This will be short and sweet because hopefully tomorrow I can get Audrey's Happy 14 month post on here...yeah it will include 13 months since I think I forgot it!  Of course, I keep notes on my itouch so I have it all down just not on here.  A couple of very exciting things happened!

Audrey knows herself!!!  She sees herself in a picture or in the mirror and says "Audrey"  It's just about the damn cutest thing ever!!

Audrey is learning her letters.  Yup! She has these little alphabet books.  They are like 3 pages long and by Little Einsteins. These are them.  Anyway, when I ask her where is your B book she gets it out of her pile of books!!  I started with A,B,C then added D,E,F, and G.  When she got ABC down then we added the others.  I can't tell you how excited I am about that.  I usually read a book to her then she takes it back and goes to read it herself.  Well, today in the car she said the words on the first 4 pages of a new book!!!  It was so...cute, these were words I had not heard her say before.  She said "girl, boy, shirt, coat"  Too freakin' cute!  

I am exhausted.  Traveling with a little one while your hubby is not around if tough work.  (I will update y'all on that last sentence this week) Oh, and I need to stop watching the TV guide channel.  I get on my computer and just leave the tv guide channel on meaning to look at it so I can put a channel on. Some nights most nights it just stays on from like 8pm-10pm. lol  It's pretty ridiculous.

Yes! this last thing is not exciting but just thought I would add it!

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