Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter fun

Hello dear readers and happy Easter to y'all!

                      Easter this year was, but different.  We went to Slidell to visit my family, aka momee, paw paw, and Uncle Chris.  She has had a GREAT time!!  Audrey went on her first "Easter egg hunt" that really consisted of her walking around with a ziplock bag of plastic eggs as if they were her prize possessions.  The Easter Bunny brought her some bubbles and so of course we HAD to blow bubbles.  That turned more into Audrey sticking her hand in the bubble solution and running it through her hair. It was too funny!! She also has a mulch obsession.  Yes, mulch, the stuff that surrounds gardens.  She goes right to mulch instead of flowers, and she loves flowers!  She picks up 2 pieces and walks around with them attempting to put them in her mouth.  Of course, I just tell her that's dirty and make the sign and a face that says yucky.  For the most part that stops it.  Of course, with each new piece of mulch I have to do the same thing.  The highlight of the weekend was when my mom put the sprinkler on low and let her stand in the sprinkler.  It was SO.....cute! I was thankful my brother was ready with his phone. he is 16 so it's pretty much attached to him so I guess it wasn't a huge surprise he had it on him.  Maryam over at Milkfriendly posted this AWESOME link to some recipes for natural Easter egg dyes!! check that out right here   Those dyes you get at the store are SCARY regarding ingredients.  My mom thought it would be fun to dye eggs and let Audrey stir eggs in the colors. I love the idea, but those dyes just scare me. It didn't quite work how it should have.  Audrey saw the spoons and wanted to take them out of the cups and put them in her mouth. I freaked out thinking of all the bad ingredients that were in the dye. I was so relieved that the "toxic" egg dying wasn't going to happen.  Next year, regardless of where we are for Easter itself, I will make egg dye ahead of time and bring it with us.   Well, I am going to post these fun photos of funny face, from the sprinkler. yes that is one nickname for Audrey from my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie  ENJOY and HAPPY EASTER!!