Sunday, April 29, 2012

it's the simple things

This was something I did a few days ago!!  So...we don't have a learning tower, although I would love one. But, hey it's okay because with a dining room chair pushed up to the sink we have our version of a learning tower.  I simply fill the sink with water, bubbles, bath toys, and give Audrey a spoon.  Let the fun and stirring commence. It gave me enough time to finish making dinner, since I didn't prep the night before, and kept Audrey as happy as can be. Of course, having great music on is a must have!!  Nothing is better than a happy, dancing baby. She was totally shaking it too! :-)

"Shell Mama"

stirring away happily

I want y'all to know that I was right beside Audrey the whole time, no more than 1 foot away. :-)

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