Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Snacking Toddler

So, maybe it's just Audrey, but she eats ALL day! No exaggeration, SERIOUSLY!  Normal meals around here are simple.  She eats what I eat.  I will give y'all the run down of a typical day. morning breakfast might be:

2 eggs over medium (she loves only the egg whites and eats the white off of my eggs, which works out because I prefer the yolks anyway)
2 pieces of toast (she gets her own two pieces of toast)
2 piece of bacon (she gets 1/4 or 1/2 a piece)
strawberries and blueberries w/ local honey drizzled on top.
(bacon is NOT an everyday thing and neither are eggs, some mornings we do goat milk yogurt, grits,
or oatmeal.  Saturdays around here are pancake or waffle day and Sundays are for biscuits)

Lunch around here is leftovers. Today it's BBQ chicken, Peach jalapeno cornbread muffins, and red beans and rice.  (We normally have a veggie that's also leftover like broccoli, squash & zucchini,eggplant, or red potatoes)  Of course, if there are no leftovers I go to my fail proof backup, TAMALES!!!  All I know is we get them from Drug Emporium and they come in Black Bean Cilantro and Spinach.  Again, there is NOTHING bad in them and of course they are GF and DF.

Dinner is something we sit down and plan either Friday evening or Saturday while she naps. We plan Sunday-Saturday of the next week and get all the veggies, canned things and re-stock on our weekly snacks Saturday.  It makes life simple for us.  I go out the day before and get whatever meat or fish is needed so I can prep it that night.  Tonight we are having Jamaican Jerk Fish with Caribbean Rice.  Audrey 99% of the time eats what we eat.  I make a few exceptions. Sometimes the texture of portobello's get to her or if she is trying something new and isn't crazy about the flavors then she can eat everything but the thing she doesn't like and if she is clearly still hungry we will go to plan B, tamales.

Alright, so that covers meals, here's the fun part, snacks!!

It's simple enough.  Now here's the funny part, after breakfast she usually asks me for "cracker" which are really plantain chips. Of course I don't let her have "crackers" that early but instead give her some fresh fruit or let her eat off of my morning snack, a banana.  Anyway, we LOVE those plantain chips around here, what could be better than thinly sliced plantain chips. They are great for at home or on the go and come in lightly salted, lime, sweet, and chili lime.  They are by Turbana; check them out here.  There's nothing bad in them, and they have that crunch and flavor to them. We find them at Drug Emporium.  it's on the bottom shelf of the chip section. That place is great AMAZING!

Another wonderful on the go snack that's big around here are Just Strawberries.  They are simply freeze dried strawberries, THAT'S IT!  Around here they are $5.99 for the 1.5oz pack, which is expensive, but I can't argue with a healthy snack like this that's mess free, especially in the car! Did you know that they help prevent esophageal cancer????   We go through at least 1 bag a week, sometimes two!!! YIKES!  We also like freeze dried pineapples, apples, and sometimes bananas and mangos. Those are made by a different brand, but around here we find them at Fresh Market, for all you local mama's.

Of course we like the mum mum's, Audrey has been eating those since she was little.  She got tired of them around 12 months and could have cared less about the toddler mum mum's at that time so....they went on hold until now.  The Toddler mum mum's are a go finally!!  If you don't know about mum mum's, they are AWESOME!  Here's the baby mum mum's and the toddler mum mum's

Audrey also likes to snack on little cubes of goat cheese, sometimes it's goat gouda, other times it's goat cheddar.  She LOVES apples and normally asks for them immediately after waking up from her nap!  She usually eats the whole thing, yes the WHOLE thing!

We also get a large bag of what we call "Puffs". Under ingredients it says puffed corn, that's it.  They are small simple and have that crunch.  Some days she loves them other days she doesn't.

Another snack we like are Multi-Seed Gluten Free Rice Thins with some fresh peanut butter.  That's Carlo's favorite afternoon snack therefore it's one of Audrey's favorites too. You didn't think I got those tamale's now did you?? That is SUCH a Carlo thing, that is where Audrey got the obsession. If papa eats it, so does she!

Anyway, that's the run down of everything.  As for drinks, we only have one thing available in our house, water and almond milk.  Audrey only gets water since she still breastfeeds as if I were a 24 hr. diner!!  You would think with all that eating she might slow down a bit! NOPE, not my little girl.  I guess I don't have a complaint since I love breastfeeding, except when she wakes up at 4, 5, and 6am saying nuni and then doesn't take it!  :-)  

So....apparently Audrey is not the only snacking ALL day toddler! Her friends Morgan and Malaki are all day snackers as well.  I saw this in action today when we got together for a play date! Also, the cuteness of little ones triples when they get together!

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