Monday, May 7, 2012

Audrey's Montessori room

 Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like super mom but yet are so.....exhausted the ENTIRE day?? I had one of those days.  I made play dough with Audrey. She sort of helped pour flour and salt into a bowl...Then I made dinner for the next night. BBQ chicken (the chicken is marinating and then I made a BBQ sauce) I also made some GF Peach Jalapeno Cornbread.  The recipe is originally Apricot but Carlo is NOT a fan of Apricot so I decided peaches.  The recipe calls for a filling but ALL the fillings I found have HFCS so I made the filling from scratch.  What a night!!  2 1/2 hrs. of prepping!  In any case, tonight is neither here nor there.  I have pictures of our play dough adventure, but for now I have before and after pictures of Audrey's room.  Before Montessori and After it was Montessorified.    ENJOY!!

this is before we even painted!! Audrey's room came like this

another lovely view!

after it was painted, before Audrey AKA BB was born

it was all ready for her.

I still LOVE that mobile! We made that ourselves! :-)

this is the view of Audrey's room now when you walk in.

we have little hooks on the wall a bin of stuffed animals and the pictures are at her height

that's her toy chest

that was my table when I was little.  Those are lithographs in the frames

no real change

Audrey's mini florere plant from Green Your Air!! She smells it every time I am done changing her.

I still LOVE that chair

that toy is great!  It was a toy I had when I was little! :-)

okay THIS is the cool part! That is a canopy Carlo brought back from India!!  Audrey LOVES it!!

the coolest bed ever!  We tuck in the excess under the bed and keep it taught.  I also make sure that the slit it kept nice and large and it's also tucked in! 

check out the mirror, she loves that so much. Audrey and I just started cleaning it each morning.

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