Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Activity a Day

okay so....I will be taking picture this weekend of Audrey's room.  It was done when Carlo was gone and I forgot to take pictures, then he brought an AMAZING finishing touch back from India. He has  to put it up but pictures are coming. Until then, I have gotten back on my Montessori kick.  I have to say I really try to think of different activities to do with Audrey because she WANTS to learn.  I mean on a normal day we will read a book, just 1, probably 10 times.  We do this to most of her books. She really takes it all in it's crazy.  One day I asked her what everything was on  each page of her book and she said what everything was. EVERY SINGLE THING.  I could NOT believe it!!  So....with that said, I found a really REALLY great blog that is basically ALL about Montessori and has some awesome activities that I honestly never would have thought of.  So, although I have the materials for 2 projects, that I have yet to start, I am starting yet another one! lol  a felt board. It sounds simple right?  Oh and I am getting some Sandpaper letters since she is learning all the letters in the alphabet, she knows through J so far.  Remember that link I gave y'all about those books in this post,  well check out some of these AWESOME sandpaper letters!  Oh, and here is this AMAZING blog, Chasing Cheerios.  I clicked on preschool activities and have promised myself that Audrey and I would do a new activity every day from now on, or at least try my hardest!!  Yes, it will be some extra planning but it will be SO....MUCH FUN!!  I realize that she is a homeschooling mom, which is awesome. I have a teaching degree, in music education, but will probably send Audrey to a local Montessori school.  I can't wait to REALLY get started with these!  So far we have done this one.  It wasn't as successful as I hoped but she is working on learning to spray the bottle and well her cloth wipe wound up on her head and around her neck! I will keep trying.  Next, I want to make some Ocean Play Dough!  I don't have a wooden rolling pin, ours is marble and heavy, but I think our hands and some metal cookie cutters will do just fine! :-)   Honestly I am totally stoked about excavating toys from ice later this summer with  Audrey!!!!  I love amazing and totally free activities!!  Be looking for those pictures of Audrey's room, it will be a before and after type thing, I hope to have them up by tomorrow.

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