Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy 16 months!

16 months.  WOW this month SO.....much has happened.

You started wearing headbands because your hair is REALLY getting long.  It's curly and I simply love that it's slightly wild.
You learned to climb on EVERYTHING. You hop on your rocking horse and rock yourself. You climb on the sofa (with the help of a step that's really made for the bathroom! lol) you can climb on the dining room chairs as well as your little chair to your little table.  We relocated the table and chairs from your room to the living room and we now eat part of breakfast (you eat toast on our morning jog and then have egg, and fruit when we get home) and lunch there.

You can sing your alphabet now, yes the whole thing although you personally like through P and usually stop there but you do sometimes continue singing.  You attempt to sign your alphabet and can usually name a letter if I sign it.  Your book reading skills are truly amazing.  With your letter books you will grab a book look at the letter, say what it is, then read the book. With your other books you look at the front cover and know what's in it.  Yesterday you came to me saying "mama book" I asked you what was in that book and you quickly said "bubbles".  It was a book about bath time and you LOVE bubbles!!!!    Your French is really coming along you know "vien ici" and can say "bonjour" "pomme" "ananas" and "fraise" and "lunette". You also ask for the French alphabet by changing the pronunciation ABC.  It's too cute!  On a side note I need to learn how to speak French.  I remember phrases and words, but the verb conjugation gets me.  I  also understand most conversations when spoken in French but really can't say anything back for fear of insulting someone! Knowing me, that's exactly what I would do!!

You still love outside, something I never expect to change.  Too bad it's already 90+ degrees here everyday! UGH!!! so.... not a fan of this heat!  Of course, the normal 97% humidity doesn't help!  Still, we go outside an hour in the mornings around 6:30 and then again around 4:30 in the afternoon.  You have an obsession with mulch. You don't eat it but love to put it in containers and carry 1 piece around with you.

You love going bye bye because that means Adele. Yes, that's right Audrey has an Adele obsession!!!  Adele has to be on in the car and when Adele is on everyone must have their sunglasses AKA Hollywood on.  When you say Adele you mean the song Rumor Has It although sometimes Rollin' in the Deep or Set Fire to the Rain are acceptable.  Of course, you love singing in general you frequently ask for "ABC or A ah ah ah or Itsy Bitsy or Skinny.  A ah ah ah is really A is for Audrey ah ah ah B is for baby ba ba ba (you get the idea) and Skinny is the closing song to the Elephant Show that I LOVED as a little girl (skina merinky dinky dink, come on I KNOW y'all know this one!!) Audrey, you are ALL about hand motions and singing, oh and Pat a cake is a BIG favorite too!

You now prefer being in the cart than me wearing you :-(  I truly love wearing you, always have, but it's your decision whether you want your mei tai or cart cover.  I have both in my trunk and ask you which one every time we go to the store.  I always respect your wishes but am just learning to deal with not wearing you.  We still have fun and you help me put things in the cart, you literally just toss items over your shoulder into the cart it's too cute.  I still let you smell the herbs, fruit, and any veggies that smell, which you love so I suppose it's not all that bad.  I love interacting with you.  Grocery shopping is such a great learning opportunity because of everything that's there.

You now tell me "dirty diaper" when you have a dirty diaper.  This is AWESOME.  A lot of times in the middle of the night you will say "nuni" but then won't take it so I ask if you need to go potty then you say "yea yea yea" So....4:30 is not the ideal time I want to be getting up to let you go potty and read books but I will take that over a wet diaper.  To me that means you are getting closer to potty training (I really don't like that phrase by the way....)  Not that I have ever had an issue with doing diapers but it's cool that you realize when you have to go especially in the middle of the night.

You know where your: nose, teeth, tongue, mouth, eyes, eye brows, chin, cheek, hair, ears, arm, leg, feet, toes, toe nails,  hands, and fingers are!  You know: shirt, skirt, diaper, (dirty and clean) pants, socks, shoes, make-up. (yeah the last is b/c she sees me doing mine in the mornings sometimes, lol) your vocabulary grows every day. We have to watch EVERYTHING we say and do because we know you would pick up bad words and actions on the first try.

You enjoy your bed and usually do running jumps onto it.  Somedays I move your bed into your room for naps, other times I leave it in our room.  You sleep the same in either place.  As long as your elephant blanket is on the bed you are GOOD.  (you hate cold sheets, it always wakes you up)  You sleep beside our bed on your mattress at night and stay there sometimes until 3am.  Sometimes I pull you in bed early around 11pm because well I know I won't be able to snuggle with you forever and want to take advantage of extra snuggle time.   

You amaze me everyday Audrey.  You are too cute, even when you're fussy and clingy and needy, you are still too cute.  I do worry about the big changes that are coming in the fall, but I think you'll be great, it's me who may not be!  Always know how much mama and papa love you!! You are our world little girl!

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