Thursday, May 24, 2012

Help Bring Mickey Home!

Hey readers,

           It has been crazy around here lately I promise I will get back into posting more, I just need to get through the first half of next week!

  I am posting this now because THIS is important.  I NEED y'alls help.  There is a girl from Lafayette who has been missing for 6 days now!! 6 days!!!  Mom's imagine if this was your little girl.  How awful would that be!!!  I do not know Mickey but have felt compelled to do all that I am able to to help efforts. I have donated a few items and am planning on volunteering to make dinner for the family one night since I am really unable to search with a LO in tow in this hot Louisiana heat! I am also going to be donating more items as needed.  The needs of the searchers changes on a daily basis.

Here are the facts and a copy of the flyer.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-post if you have a blog and print out flyers. Even just 5 flyers will do.  This has become a national search and has been on Nancy Grace, HLN, and a couple other big new stations. The search for her has been expanded to to other states especially, Texas, California, New Mexico, and Arizona. 

Her name is Mickey Shunick, she is 21, (her birthday was the same day as me and Carlo's)

She was last seen at 2am riding a black and gold Schwinn Madison bike with glittery gold handlebars.

She was leaving a friend's house from the Saints streets in Lafayette  and going back home, near Ambassador & Congress but never made it back.

She is 5ft. 1, weighs about 110 lbs., has shoulder length curly hair that is platinum blonde and blue eyes.

She has a small tattoo of a bicycle on her right outer ankle and a nose ring in her left nostril.  She was last seen wearing a pastel, multi-colored striped shirt, light wash denim skinny jeans, and silver ankle boots.

She was carrying a light brown leather backpack, a black and yellow Vera Bradley wallet, a black Verizon slider phone, and a small pink container of pepper spray.

If you have ANY information regarding her whereabouts please contact Lafayette police at (337) 291-8600 or e-mail

GO TO These websites:  Find Mickey Now and  10 Ways to Help In the Searth for Mickey Shunick
for up to date information.  You can also find flyers to print and ways to help via donations. 

There is a $25,000 reward for any information leading to her whereabouts, no questions asked.

Please spread the word and help to bring Mickey home!!

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