Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Birthday

It's very hard to believe that we are 27 today! WHERE DID TIME GO???!!!   Birthday's are always something special around here for Carlo and I. We see it as a day to spend together.  Gifts in the past were optional because we have always taken a trip.  Our first trip was in 2004, we went to Hot Springs Arkansas for a few days. We played mini golf, stocked up on the spring water, took a picnic and went hiking. It was the perfect trip and we had to do it on what little money we saved since we were well 19 at the time. Unfortunately our camera was stolen so we lost ALL the pictures.  We even met a couple our age and were asked to take pictures of them, then the guy got down and proposed!!!!!  It was so....adorable!!

 Of Course, 2005 is still by and far the BEST birthday  Carlo proposed!!  We went to the same park where we went on our first date, had on the same outfits and all, and he got down on one knee and popped the question!  I couldn't have been happier.  We then went into New Orleans where we spent the day at the Audubon Zoo and the Aquarium.  We had muffaletta's at Central Grocery Oh, how I miss that wonderful sandwich enjoyed some beignets from Cafe Du Monde, went to Taqueria Corona for dinner, the original location that no longer exists due to Katrina and finished up the night like we finished up our first date, at The Old Town Soda Shoppe.   Carlo wouldn't allow me to call anyone and say a word until after dinner while we were on our way back from New Orleans. I did get to call my mom for a moment before lunch but that was it.  I love that we had the day undisturbed to ourselves! :-)

On our Way to the hotel.  We even took the Porsche, FANCY US!! lol
 For some reason 2006 was a blur...not sure what happened really and neither does Carlo!! lol  I DO know that in 2007 we went to see Pete Fountain play in Mississippi.  We stayed overnight in a casino hotel, where he performs.  Afterwards we met him and even got him to sign a BUNCH of old LP's, and Carlo's wedding present from me, a signed copy of a jazzfest poster of the blue dog and Pete Fountain. It was a really fun trip.

Us with Pete Fountain!  (did I mention that Carlo owns ALL of his LP's???)

 In 2008 we went to Disney for 3 days! It was AWESOME!! We went to Jimmy Buffet's Margarita ville, we are definitely parrot heads in this house, especially come summer.  We went hit all of Disney's parks and it was  great, except the last day because Carlo started to not feel well :-(     It was okay though because we still had a wonderful time. We even wore those It's my Birthday buttons and got to get to the front of the line for a few rides!!! 

Riding Expedition Everest

In Epcot, it just finished raining so we took shelter in Norway.  (Note the birthday pins.)
I will ALWAYS Love this photo. It's the "okay we're smiling this time" but we both decided to be pirates photo.

 In 2009, we were apart for our birthday, because well Carlo was in Lafayette and I was in Albuquerque,but we celebrated by going to a Dave Matthews Concert. (We are HUGE Dave fans, I MEAN HUGE!!!  I am honestly not sure what I would do without Frank Sinatra or Dave Matthews, no lie!)    This concert was not planned, we were originally going to go to Colorado Springs, but found out a week and a half before the concert that Dave was playing in town.  That night we booked tickets and had the best birthday/cinco de mayo EVER!  

heading out to see Dave! This was Carlo's first time seeing him live!

right before the Dave started!

Me with my BIG ASS dessert from Flying Star. This was taken on our birthday. Oh and the dessert was AMAZING!

In 2010 we were also apart for our birthday. I was in Italy with some members of the UNM Orchestra playing basset horn for Mozart's Requiem.  On May 22, I suspected I was pregnant.  I just knew it.  Sure enough, when I got home from my trip on June 1st, I took a home pregnancy test, 4 to be exact, and it was positive, ALL of them. We could not have been happier!!
This was in Italy. I believe this was within a few days of when I suspected I was pregnant. Crazy to think of that now!

 In 2011 we went on a date.  It was nothing a normal couple would think was special but to us it was some alone time away from Audrey.  This year we also went on a date.  We saw Dark Shadow, which is the typical Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Danny Elfman movie, meaning it was AWESOME! ( OMG I just looked up Danny Elfman and found out he composed the music for Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and that Tim Burton directed the movie.   For the record, I OWN that video! It is feet away from me right now in an ottoman as I type.  That was my FAVORITE movie when I was 3. Who knew I had ALWAYS been a fan of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman!!)   Sorry for my random freak out.  I should also add that we went to Masala Kitchen to have Indian food.  Carlo said it was completely authentic and we met and talked to the owner, who is from North India and even found out where to buy yellow lentils and flat rice!!  Sure we have to make a trip to Baton Rouge, but if it means more vegetarian dishes around here and a variety of food, I am TOTALLY game!  

27 looks like it's going to be a banner year for us, I just feel it!  Happy Birthday to my best friend, and my love.  You are an amazing man, husband, and papa.  I feel so lucky to share my birthday with you. 


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