Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Squeals of Joy

Alright so....I realized I never really wrote about the day Carlo came back from India.  It's been nearly two months, but seems like it was just yesterday.  Seeing Carlo after 45 days was so surreal.  I was so...excited to see him.  Sure I saw him 2 times a day via SKYPE, but it's just not the same as seeing him in person.  I can't begin to tell you how much we missed him.  Honestly, I had been missing my husband for quite sometime, since December 21st to be exact.  This fistula took every ounce of energy out of him and it definitely was a very difficult time.  It killed him to not be able to really do stuff to full strength.  He would simply get exhausted.   But, I have him back in full!!  I can say with complete certainty that he is 100+% back!!  I still say I am most excited that he is sleeping next to me once again.  It's such a simple thing, but I have REALLY missed it.  I will never forget how excited miss Audrey was to see papa.  When we got to the airport Carlo's mom, nonna, and dad, grandpa, were already there.  When the plane started unloading, grandpa put Audrey on his shoulder's, he's 6 ft 2, and when he saw Carlo get off the plane he pointed to him and said "look Audrey papa". She let out a squeal of complete joy and said "PAPA!!!" then squirmed like crazy to get down and see him.  I have never heard anything like it before or after out of Audrey, it was too cute. She was so...thrilled to see him that when he asked me to put her in her carseat so he could put his bags in the car, she very loudly protested and pushed me away. Hey can you blame her???  She was attached to papa and followed him around for the next couple of days.  She was very upset when he had to leave that Monday afternoon to attend a funeral, he came in on a Friday.  She looked ALL over the house. I kept telling her "papa bye bye, but will  be home to eat dinner and tell Audrey night night" I think she got the idea, but she was still not too thrilled that he left.

this was taken minutes after Carlo arrived home!

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