Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 17 months

WOW where had time gone?? 17 months oh my goodness!  You are so.....much fun Audrey! We have a party everyday and I REALLY love that.  You sing songs now. YES FULL SONGS.  ABC's in English and in French and the itsy bitsy (as you call the itsy bitsy spider) .  You ask me to sing the wheels (wheels on the bus) skina (skinnamarinky dinky dink YES I loved that show.  Come on...admit it, you loved that show too!  I knew it was a song with lots of hand motions and you cannot ever hear it enough) bunny foo foo and do all the hand motions. Be on the lookout for a video of Audrey doing any of the above.  I am hoping I can catch it on video, she usually just freezes and won't do anything, what a stinker!  You know every word in your alphabet books and recognize letters.  We got you those sandpaper letters and we are working on those.  You still recognize most of the letters.  You tell me "dirty diaper" when you have gone pee pee and sometimes tell me beforehand.  We go through spurts where you go on the potty like 3+ times a day to maybe once.  I don't force it because I want you to want to go potty.  Of course, I usually get you to go by saying "Audrey why don't you go get a book and we can read and go potty together"  She seems to only go if I am pottying as well. go figure... Little girl, you learn probably 5 new words a day that stick, it is ridiculous!! You are so....smart and so beautiful.  I can't tell you how many times papa and I tell you both of those each day.  You are getting really good at helping pick up.  each time we get a new book, you put up the old one on the shelf.  It's too cute.  I usually lounge on your pink elephant and you come full speed to jump on my belly. I catch you mid-air and put you on my belly and that's how we read.  You ask me every morning to go on a walk. You go to the door and say "walk mama" "Eli Eleanor" The puppies come with us. You'd swear going down the street I had 3 heads jogging with a baby in a stroller who is usually signing and singing her alphabet, and a puppy on each side.  It's really amusing to see the reactions.  I have now been doing this everyday since April.  You went swimming for what I consider the first time. Sure we went to Destin last year but it wasn't like you had a choice to go in the pool. You hated it anyway.  This year you REALLY went swimming.  In what you called a "boat" check out the pictures from Greenbrier.  We put your hair in piggy tails the other day. You call it "piggy"  You now tell me when you want to nap and go to bed.  I usually hear "mama nuni night night" then I ask you just to make sure and you say "yeah" in a slightly swedish way I have no clue where that comes from but it's hysterical.  Just today you climbed up your rock wall side of you swingset.  I wasn't there but papa was.  I had been helping you learn how to climb up and where to put your feet but you finally did it!!!  I actually watched you climb up and go slide ALL BY YOURSELF!!!  That's when I realized I have a toddler and not a little burrito anymore.  It does make me sad that you are growing up so....quick but we have so....much fun each day!!  It's always a new adventure. We now eat breakfast and lunch at your table and when I say "it's time for lunch" you say "table mama"  I always say yes, but I have to make lunch first"   You want to use your spoon and do a good job overall but when you're done eating you start "cooking"  I always know because you don't want anymore food but simply want to stir aka make a huge mess.   You know how to use your new tea set that we got at Greenbrier.  I showed you how to dunk the tea bag and the pour the cream if you want and then stir it.  It's too cute. Oh and of course pour the hot water.  You ride your horsey yourself now, you have been doing that for a while but you REALLY rock it hard! You sing too!  You certainly are my little girl with the singing all the time.  You know all your colors including pink and brown only because we have rocky mountain and fuzzi bunz in those colors and you help put the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  You try to ride Eli while singing the horsy song (a French song) it's too funny. He would just let you but I couldn't let you ride my 1st baby like that, poor buddy.  You also like to wiggle his ears which I think is hysterical.  As long as you do it gently, I have no issue.   You have a spoon obsession.  No matter your mood a spoon will make you happy.  You have 3 spoons around at all times, you sometimes ask for the spatulas I cook with or your little spoons.  You crack me up with your obsession.  I love you more and more everyday little girl and the same goes for your papa.  You are wrapped so...very tightly around his finger and are certainly a papa's girl through and through.  We love you little girl.

I love that smirk!! Papa put velcro rollers in your hair while I was getting my hair done. You left them in for at least 2 hrs!

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