Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleepless Summer Nights

This appears to be a simple post right? One that is probably about Audrey not sleeping the best or me not sleeping the best, but well that is not really the case.  I am simply going to hit you with it.  Be warned these are NOT pretty pictures.  Lots of ugly bruises and an ugly toe! lol

Here's the explanation behind them.  I have been well... staying up late sending e-mails, freaking out about nanny's we found our nanny by the way, more on that in another post, blogging, and reading other blogs.  It's been bad. 11pm in bed, Audrey usually wakes up around then or 11:30 so I was not getting into bed until 12 or so and then up at 6:30am.  Oh, and Audrey typically wakes up around 4am to nurse and sometimes tosses and turns until 6:30am. get the exhaustion right.  It doesn't help that I have not been prepping dinners at night so during her naps I prep because I hate prepping when she is awake.  It takes away from spending time with Audrey.  When I say prepping I mean slicing stuff.  When she is a little older I know she will help with that but that won't be for a while.   Anyway, back to the real story. So.....I have a history of sleep talking A LOT.  Most recently I was grocery shopping in Carlo's hair!! I swear this is no joke   I also have a history of sitting up in bed, a la children of the corn like Carlo likes to say, and stare at him.   My most recent antics have been attempting to and actually clawing Carlo.  The first time this happened was right before Audrey was born.  Lots of stress and lots of no sleep so yeah.  He has the scar on his arm to prove this happened.  I still cannot believe I did that! I would NEVER do something like that ever.  Anyway, cue the recent sleepless night and stress and that is how that catastrophe above happened.  I had a night terror. According to Carlo I woke up screaming loudly and ran off the front of our bed. I seriously cannot help but laugh every time I say that. I can just seem me screaming and running.  Of course, this is the best part, in front of my side of the bed is my bed side table since Audrey sleeps by my side of the bed my bed side table was moved.  I ran into the table so hard i knocked it over and scraped my knee on our textured paint that we have on our walls.  I also have those lovely bruises on my legs from this as well.  Now here is the kicker.  I DON'T REMEMBER ANY OF THIS!!  I woke up when Carlo was trying to help me up.  Of  course, I didn't see like that I saw it as the shadow of a man who is not saying anything.  In my mind someone broke into our house so I tried to attack him.  Thankfully all I did was scratch him, not too hard, on his arms.  Audrey came running towards me screaming mama and it completely snapped me out of this craziness. She was fine, Carlo was so freaked out he couldn't talk, and I managed to get a hairline fracture on my big toe.  Isn't it gorgeous??? stop this madness we made a decision for my sake to 
1. borrow Carlo's mom's Himalayan Salt Lamp. Carlo wants to know what the hell I am doing when I wake up! lol 
2. have the router go off at 9:45. Whoever is on the internet, AKA me, gets a warning at 9:30 to save everything and then it's off at 9:45.  It's great actually.  I have been getting in bed right after! 

The part about the toe is that I am now officially called "gimp" around the house and am slow at walking.  Oh and I am dying not being able to go jogging in the mornings! Audrey, Eli, Eleanor, and I go jogging every morning, well 5 days a week.  To not be able to go sucks, big time!  I knew the second I got back in bed after "the incident" that I fractured it.  I told Carlo and asked him to grab me 3 ibuprofen and an ice pack.  I dealt with it in the morning and went to an Urgent Care since this happened Saturday night. It isn't a big deal other than mama is NOT fast and playing hide is not possible. Oh and this wonderful ugly boot that I have  a love/hate relationship with.  It helps a lot but is pretty ugly. Oh well, it could be worse right? lol  This story is a warning to all you mama's that are up super late reading blogs, posting blogs, or just getting in your me time.
Stop.  and .  go.  to. bed!!
 Do it for me and your significant other.  You can thank me later!:-)


  1. Yikes! I hope you get better soon lady! I too have been through crazy nightime stuff (I've had night terrors most of my life). Most recently I was dreaming about snakes and was trying to push them away...apparently I was pushing Devon's face. He wasn't to happy.

    Hope you get better rest soon.

  2. Oh my goodness - I'm sorry, this made me laugh so hard! just the visual of you scrambling to the front of you bed! I had a roommate in college that would sit up in her sleep and yell at me from the edge of her bed. It was so weird but we always laughed about it. Rods laughs in his sleep - it's super creepy!! Tell Carlo I feel for him! :)

  3. awww poor Devon Amber!! I am glad I am not the only one to do crazy nighttime stuff either!!!

    Oh Laurel, I knew you would get a good laugh at this!! If you remember the donkey kong game for super nintendo I imagine myself as those green alien looking guys that live in the barrels and continually try to run into you! lol I swear that was the FIRST thing I pictured! hahaha I image that is creepy Laurel!