Saturday, July 28, 2012

learning to let her do it herself

This is a tough concept.  To simply let her do it herself.  Sometimes that means the muffin tin gets knocked on the ground by accident and there's a huge mess. It's not a big deal, Audrey simply went and picked up what fell and we put the muffin tin on the table together. We then got our brooms and swept.  She is learning to drink from her small open glass, yes it is a glass, not plastic and is doing a great job.  Sometimes I want to help her, simply to intervene and say "if you tilt the glass further you can get the last bit of water" but I remind myself to sit back and just watch and not say anything aside from please stay in the kitchen while drinking from your glass.  It's a new skill she is learning and doing great.  Our little ones know how to do things, they really do, they listen to what we tell them and teach them very closely.  I have a few Montessori books that are coming in and I am excited to learn more about Maria Montessori and her philosophy.   I will make this short and sweet and leave you with a few links regarding age appropriateness of things and why it's important to let them do it themselves, even if it means getting frustrated.  I know when I get frustrated I become even more determined to do it myself without help.  Why not give that same respect to our little ones?

P.S. Happy 18 months to my sweet Audrey. We are celebrating 18 months of breastfeeding and I am still enjoying it!! :-)

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