Monday, July 30, 2012

the magic muffin tin snack

I knew Audrey was hungry. It was past "normal lunch time" which for us is around 12:30, and instead of giving her 1 snack, I wanted to give her variety. Somewhere in the back of my brain, I remember muffin tins as a snack tray! GENIUS!  Best-idea-ever, at least for this moment.  Audrey loved it; it was a complete hit.  She stood by her little table and munched away happily until it was nearly all gone. While happily munching away, she had a moment of utter excitement about something, I think she was waving her hands around dancing and accidentally knocked the tray over. She scared herself and I simply said "uh oh, that's okay, let's pick that up and put it back in the tray"  I put the tray on the ground and she picked it all up.  These days meals are not something Audrey is super interested in.  She is still the snacking toddler that I wrote about here, but now there are no real meals.  For example, this morning she had 1/2 piece uncured bacon, 1 bite of a homemade GF pancake, 3 small pieces of my GF english muffin, and 4 bites of Carlo's cinnamon raisin Udi's toast. Some days, like today, I may even make her a muffin tray of of dinner's leftovers, if it is possible.  Last night we went to Jason's Deli so for lunch today I made her a sliced hard boiled egg, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, a couple graham crackers, and some cheese.  Anyway, the thing is it's the perfect size for toddlers, it's organized in little compartments which we all know toddlers LOVE, and she gets to pick from a variety of foods what she what to eat at that moment.  This will now become a daily thing for sure! Check out this blog for some great muffin tin ideas!  It's always fun to try new things, it makes the OCD me and the baker in me, although there is clearly no baking involved, happy.

GF cheerios, dried cranberries, plantain chips, apples, strawberries, and goat cheddar

checking it out

loving it!

Audrey calls these "crackers"

if you can't tell this is Audrey's play area.

nearly all gone!

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