Thursday, August 16, 2012

The perfectly done eye

enjoying a "cookie" AKA gluten free lady finger with her perfectly done eyes! lol Note we are in the bathroom b/c it was bath time and she immediately had her face washed!

Okay so THAT is mascara all over her face!   Audrey, who watches me do my make-up EVERY day got my purse off of our dining room chair, unzipped the section where my VERY small make-up bag is (I only keep  a mascara, a burt bee's, a small mirror, and a lip gloss)  took it out, unsnapped it, took out my mascara, unscrewed the top, and THEN put on my mascara. She actually got it on her eyelashes too!!!  While I don't condone little girls wearing make-up a la toddlers in tiara's, this was just too funny and too much!!  I really couldn't get over that she got it perfectly on her eye lashes. By the way,  this happened in the course of 1-2 minutes!  I think we are in serious trouble!!!

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  1. OH MY GOSH - at first my heart was beating so fast because at first glance it looked like she may have bonked her eye and gotten a bruise. What a sweet doll! :)