Monday, August 20, 2012

toddler and brushing teeth

 Audrey is NOT a fan of brushing teeth.  She was not always like this, this is really a new thing.  She wants to do it herself but simply doesn't do the best job.  She likes the idea but won't let us "help" her.  Here's a link I found.  So far it is working well.  Audrey brushes mama's teeth and mama brushes Audrey's teeth.  I also Montessorified this whole thing. I put her toothbrush, little glass, and toothpaste in my bathroom cabinet so she can reach it.  She likes the idea A LOT!  Of course she has also tried brushing both the pups teeth and tried putting toothpaste in their hair.  Why their hair I am simply not sure at all.  Lotion goes on our skin but toothpaste, which she knows goes on the toothbrush goes in hair? Who knows! Anyway, for those of you having issues check out this link it really helped us.  I don't believe in threats or bribing so I really like these approaches. Happy brushing! :-)

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