Tuesday, September 4, 2012

crazy, busy, hectic, life...

I swear I am NOT dead. I am simply getting adjusted to this new life and new schedule.  It's the life of juggling a part time job with keeping up with a house, schedules galore, cooking dinner, private lessons, and who knows what else!  It is nuts. I am currently teaching 5 amazing students at UL. I have my 3 private students and am juggling those schedules plus playdates, and of course Audrey's amazing nanny's schedule.  It's a lot, well maybe just now. I am 3 weeks in and still not in the swing of things. Audrey is doing wonderfully. When she sees her nanny she automatically associates her w/ outside. They play outside ALL the time!  I love that!  Naps are simply 2 oz of mama's milk in the bottle and she is out, no fuss.  That makes for a SUPER happy mama!  At nights I am working on music for the UL students, etudes, and fingering charts to copy, and music for jurys. I am also prepping dinner and writing notes for the nanny and getting everything I can get ready to make the mornings run smooth.  Mornings with my job go as follows: we all get up around 6-6:30.  Audrey sleeps in her bed in her room, YES in her room, more on that in a later post, and comes in our bed later in the night.  Anywa, 6 or 6:30 we are up.  I fix breakfast, then Carlo and Audrey eat together and hang out while I fix my hair and do my make-up.  My outfit is picked out so I don't change until 10 min. before the nanny gets here.  I take out mama's milk, aka nuni, make sure I didn't forget anything, then hang out with Audrey.  It doesn't sound hectic when I write it out, but it is. Our normal mornings are wake-up, go for a 5 mile bike ride, come back, vacuum, nap time. It's lazy, well slow going, no rush ya know.  I am handling being away from her better than I thought I would. I still miss her but we have fun afternoons AND she naps from 9:30-11:30 so....I am basically gone during nap time.  That makes me feel a whole lot better.  It make me feel like I am not missing out on anything.  Well, I will update with pictures and stuff later but I need to get dinner ready for tomorrow. I just changed dinner from pizza to black bean soup, a favorite around here!

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