Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the gross eye

colloidal silver + pink eye = no more pink eye!   breastmilk + pink eye = no more pink eye!  These are my findings for today.  I has what I thought was a stye, I know TMI SORRY!, yesterday so  I was washing my eye with baby shampoo, California baby to be exact.  Instead it developed into pink eye. I have NEVER had pink eye before.  It isn't very fun, not that any sickness is, but when you mess with my eyes it kind of makes me not happy. Anyway, a quick check on earth clinic and a google for home remedies for pink eye led me to  discover that colloidal silver and breastmilk are both great for pink eye.  I had one of those two on hand, breastmilk of course, so I rinsed my eye with it.  I picked up some colodial silver on my way home from work. Yes, I went to work, I didn't realize until I got home it was not my original diagnosis.  Anyway, I got home and cleaned like a mad woman. pillowcases, towels, anything I had touched basically.  I DON'T want this to spread.  So Carlo is putting colloidal silver in his eyes and I am putting breastmilk in Audrey's eyes.  I can't be too careful. Anyway, the swelling has gone down a lot so has the redness.  This is not a pretty thing. I feel like a crazy looking person.  I feel like everyone is looking at my gross eye as I refer to it.  Anyway, I am certain with several more drops of colloidal silver before bed, another warm compress, and I should be good in the morning.  If only I had known yesterday I could have prevented this. Oh well, it is what it is.  I have several posts just waiting for pictures and for my to click publish.  Stick around I promise a couple will be up before the weekend so be checking back!!

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