Wednesday, October 10, 2012

herbs are amazing

Whenever Audrey is sick, which is really not often.  I say sick, but it's really just stuffy noses that she gets, but it always puts me into overdrive of what can I do.  I don't wonder what medicine can I give her but what can I do with herbs that I ask myself.  I believe that herbs truly heal whereas over the counter medicines more often than not hide the underlying problem and don't get rid of them.  I know you all see my baby and childcare recipes.  Let me tell you that I go to that book immediately when someone is not feeling well in this household!  Rosemary Gladstar has something for everything!  I am not being paid to say this I simply am a great admirer.  I love her approach to herbs and different ways to use and give them.  With this said I will be adding a much needed dosage chart as well as how to do deconcotions, tinctures, and other ways to use herbs.  Today, with Audrey not feeling herself I went ahead and turned into super mama.  She got chicken broth this morning, rose hip & hibiscus tea, which is chock full of vitamin C AKA it's good for colds, and elderberry and echinacea throughout the day in small doses.  Right before bed I also mixed a little immune system tea into her elderberry and echinacea concoction.  She is a trooper and guzzles it all down.  The child LOVES elderberry what can I say and it's strong enough that it can hide some not so awesome tasting teas.  I also hid 1 capsule of VSL probiotic in some grits!  Oh and the tea she drank, the rose hip & hibiscus I called it red juice and it was gone.  She enjoys tea but sometimes doesn't want tea so red juice worked great!  I am hoping for a good nights sleep for her.  I don't care about me so much but I just want my baby better.  Her head is propped up on 2 pillows and she has a humidifier that is releasing Eucalyptus Radiata, Roman Chamomile, and Lavender into her room.  She also took an apple cider vinegar bath. You just put a 1/4 c. of apple cider vinegar in a tepid water and it's a fever reducer.  Since she had a low grade fever this morning I figured I would give her this bath since nighttime usually makes things worse.  I followed it by wrapping her in a flannel blanket, the ones that I swaddled her in when she was newborn {sigh}, that I put some drops of lavender oil on.  Here's hoping for a good nights sleep in this house that does not require the use of any benadryl or medication.  Be looking for the update on the baby and childcare recipes. I hope to have it up by this weekend.

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