Friday, November 9, 2012

The awesome letter "A"

So...our full on Montessori toddler school has begun! This week it was all about the letter "A" which I tell Audrey should be her very favorite letter since her name begins with it and all.  Here is a run down of what we did this week.  We made applesauce, I was really surprised but Audrey was simply not a fan. That's okay Carlo and I love it so we happily ate it!  We colored and painted various letter A coloring sheets, you can find these free on the internet!  I told Audrey she was painting some letter A art!  I printed and Carlo laminated retro alphabet letters.  The print-outs are free but I compare them to something that Anthropologie would sell honestly.  The laminating paper cost $30 and they came out awesome! Carlo is wonderful for laminating them for!  We made some apple playdough. The recipe is super simple, and Audrey loved helping "cook it".  She thought it was cool for a short while but didn't hold her attention as long as I thought.  Hell, I was still making puppies and bunnies with it aka animals!  I made a letter A bag, with items that start with "A" like: acorn, alligator, animals, apple, avocado, airplane. These are things I had around the house so it was all free and Audrey had a blast going through the bag.  I made a felt board this week! I couldn't be happier about that!!  I make all the pieces myself because I simply love to draw but don't have the time so this is a wonderful creative outlet.  This site has some wonderful ideas!  We talked about autumn and used leaves and pumpkins and then I made different letter A items: an album, alligator, acorn, apple, and an apple tree.  She puts everything on herself and tells me what the items are.  The only thing I didn't make were animals, I may do that tonight though.  I am already prepping for letter "B" week.

eating some of the apple(s) before I cut them up

putting the apples in the pot to make applesauce

painting her airplane.  I know the spelling is British but it is the picture that really matters.

mixing away.  she poured everything in herself and stirred it all up.

having fun in the kitchen

The end result.  It has cinnamon extract, vanilla, cinnamon, and apple pie spice.

patting the playdough (Fantasia is on in the background.  music is on 90% of the day)

picking out cookie cutters

hippity hop. That is how the bunny goes.

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