Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sorry for the ridiculous hiatus!  I WILL be back, trust me.  The semester is winding up and quick.  Juries, AKA finals for music majors, are this Monday.  YIKES! Not to mention I am still working on Christmas decorations that I fear won't be up in time for this year and trying to get things pulled together for Audrey's Nemo birthday party!  Can I tell you how excited I am about it???  I have a billion wonderful ideas and am pretty sure I am more excited than Audrey although she is completely thrilled.  I let her pick between Nemo and Cinderella for her party and Nemo won out.  I was secretly hoping for Nemo to be honest.  In any case. This video made me laugh.  I have seen it several times before but it's still just as funny! ENJOY!     Of course, it didn't take me but 6 months to be comfy w/o something covering Audrey.  I could care less now!

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